Friday, August 12, 2011

Video Viernes: What Really Sucks About Being Sick

What do you hate about being sick?
Did you enjoy Goliath's butt-hole in your face?
Do you have big weekend plans?


Michael said...

3 things

numero uno: it ticks me off that you are totally sick but still look perfect. =UNFAIR

deuce: Your going to CHICAGO!!! thats so cool.

c'est trois: IPAD. nuff said. I change my mind. I wanna say more. You have awesome apple softaware all time. How you have so much?

just had to throw an all time in there somewhere. Feel better

Manda said...

LOVE the shirt - You look marvelous and I miss you!

Becky said...

I hate having to rest. Seriously, I'm on the go a lot and I do things... a lot. So, just laying around almost kills me.

Goliath is a silly dawg. But I love seeing him in the videos. :)

No big weekend plans. I am going to be a lazy bum, have a long run Saturday and that's it.

Also, on your way to Chicago, if you pass by Springfield, be sure to honk and wave at me!