Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take a Look

Give me strength.

I am sitting here, blogging at Buffalo Wild Wings...(don't ya love the iPad?) sitting and staring at some wings. I have already downed some tater wedges, but God knows that was more than my gut needed. In fact, after meeting tonight I was suppose hit the gym and run six excruciating treadmill miles. I committed to that prior to going in, but who can turn down a social invitation? Not me, but it seems kinda counterintuitive since I am here blogging anyway.

This blog has not been largely about weight loss since by the time I started I had previously reached my main weight loss goal. Now though, I am ready to chronicle a new journey I am starting.

So naturally this post is only about food.

Remember that lime graham gelato? Well I found it in sandwich form.

Also, I am taking my produce challenge seriously. Yeah I put a WHOLE tomato on my tuna sammie.

What's left? Left in my fridge:
-a pound of cherries
1 granny smith apples
-1 nectarine
-1 pound of green grapes
-3 limes
-1 0.5 0.25 of the GIANT zucchini
-half an onion
-8 2 1 tomaters

Is it weird to throw a tomato in a smoothie?

Are you currently working on losing weight?
How do you celebrate your success?
..seriously guys, what kind of bicycle should I get?


thepandapost said...

It really depends what you want your bike to do for you and how large your piggy bank is.

If anything, I'd buy this book

"Every Woman's Guide to Cycling: Everything You Need to Know, From Buying Your First Bike to Winning Your First Race"

Read it and I loved it.

mallory said...

That tuna looks so yum!!! I have been thinking of ways to change it up and that big hunk of tomato looks so good with it!

Rachelle S. said...

I don't eat sugar! And thats it! 50 lbs down and I couldn't feel better. :)

Adie (all of the above) said...

You should chop up the tomato and squeeze the lime on it for some tasty salsa! nom nom nom.