Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Skeleton, You are my Friend

Having good gear is important.

It has been a solid month...maybe more since I took the plunge in the pool. Boy oh boy did I feel it tonight. But before I did...I absolutely had to purchase a new suit. I had heard Marshalls is the way to go, so after work today I stopped in. Definitely going to start buying more work out attire there! I got a sweet new dry fit top for $8! Oh and I literally bought the ONE and ONLY one piece they had...and it happened to fit me...and I happened to actually like it. Destiny, thy name is Lycra.

Do you like it? I love that it is reversible! I can totally get away with wearing it several times and switching it around and folks not thinking I am a disgusting piece of poopie! WIN!

I wish I could say it made swimming easy, but like running nothing makes swimming easy. I tried to ease back in, and did 40 minutes. Then I took Goliath for a walk so I could have a solid hour of activity today.

I didn't even take my suit off.

My next project is to get organized about training. I need to plan my work outs better, so standby.
Obligatory Goliath photo, him tweaking out on peanut butter.

...and I am still working on my produce.

What's left? Left in my fridge:
-a pound of cherries
1 granny smith apples
-1 nectarine
-1 pound of green grapes
-3 limes
-1 0.5 0.25 of the GIANT zucchini
-half an onion
-8 2 tomaters

What color is your swim suit?
How often do you try to work out?
What kind of bicycle should I get-suggestions? Tips?


Stephanie Anne said...

I have a reversible suit too... but I barely ever reverse it lol

I have a specialized dolce elite bike & loove it!

Amanda said...

I have 4 suits. I have 2 one-piece suits that are black/white and then I have 2 tankinis. Both of them have black shorts and the one top is black/white and the other top is blue/purple/black. This is the first year I've ever felt small enough to wear tankinis so that is pretty exciting.

I try to workout at least 4 times a week. I try for 2 days of strength training doing BodyPump and then 2 days of either running or BodyStep. I'd like to be one that can workout 7 days a week but I'm too lazy.

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

I know nothing about swimming -- I have suits but they are for sitting in hot tubs at hotels.

As for bikes -- I haven't owned one for years. Someone stole mine in college and I never replaced it.

I try to workout at least 4x per week, if I workout less than that I tend to start feeling really lazy and tired throughout the day.

Julia said...

my pup LOVES the pb kong! except i think i lost them when i moved...oops. haha!

I love that your swimsuit is reversible...that is awesome and it is seriously the best colors everrrr!

I try to work out 5 days per week. I like my rest days ;) And I need to read up on the bike tips people give you because I would LOVE to buy a bike!