Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shake That

Howdy Folks! Happy Tempo Thursday!

I am ashamed that in my first week of goal getting, I got sidetracked with the books. Anyway, prolonging the start if book three allowed me to return to normal life. I got some laundry done, cleaned, made some cupcakes, did some homework. Oh, what? Yeah I made some cupcakes.
Dark chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes, totally organic and sweetened with apple sauce. Sorry, recipe is top secret. Made for my work spouse.

G-Bonez and I set out for a brief tempo this afternoon. At first, I felt kinda sluggish. I am focusing in my posture during runs, and I am realizing that my poor posture has totally changed my lung capacity and my breathing patterns.

Along the way, we ran into either a stray or a runaway. The pup ran across a busy street as we approached, and due to our hstory it literally made my heart stop. Which made running up the hill. One of the most gorgeous dogs ever though. She ran with us for a while, and I desperately hoped she would stick with us so we could find her home, but after a while she bolted in the opposite direction as if she knew where she was going.
I have convinced myself she went home, otherwise the alternative would absolutely consume me.
Can't save them all right? The stronghold dogs have over me is crippling.

That is a wicked stretch for your outer calves by the way, try it. Ouchies.

What kind of cupcake do you favor?
What are you working on during your runs?
Have you ever found a stray or a runaway dog? What did you do?


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

One time I saw a dog that had no owner around. I saw that it had a tag so I tried to approach it so that I could call the owner. The dog never let me get near it. :(

Michael said...

i wonder if those cupcakes had kirsch in them???

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

Honestly I haven't seen any loose dogs in a long time. I do see a loose cat around our house now and then but it will never get too close.

During my runs I'm working on running at a more consistent pace. I go from running 8 min/mile for a minute and then I'm at 11 min/mile for a minute -- I want to be able to run a steady pace.

ashley & sundance said...

i'm not a huge chocolate cake fan, so anything besides chocolate I'll basically devour. :)

what am I working on during my runs... trying to not be such a negative douche bag and be so hard on myself. we've been doing some killer long runs and I'm feeling like a slow-poke, never gonna PR, never gonna get done... etc. etc. etc. WAH WAH WAH.

never found a stray dog... pretty sure if I did I'd become a dog owner *likethat* ;)

Manda said...

Lemon Merringue (SP?) Tea cakes. All time favs.