Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip Rewind!

***Last week, I went on a roadtrip to drop my baby seester off at college, 15 hours away in Mobile Alabama.  It was the most devastating trip of my life, and I am still trying to be a non-weepy mess. It has LITERALLY been so hard for me to write any sort of post about it, so I am just gonna do a weekend-rewindy thing for ya'll***

7:00 PM:  Arrive home, finally. Burst into tears.

3:30:  Venture into Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO.  Tour a underground cave with fellow Missourians.  Have a hilarious experience, especially because the power went out while we were inside the cave and experienced the ultimate darkness.

7:30AM: Take advantage of the free hot breakFEAST at Holiday Inn Express.  That is total sarcasm.  They did have a pancake machine which was SWEET and a literal dream come true.  Press a button, out comes hot fresh pancakes.


11:00 PM: Fall asleep watching weird obsession show on TLC

9:30: Arrive in Grenada, Mississippi and check in to the first decent looking hotel we can find: Holiday Inn Express

5:30: Tearfully leave Mobile, Alabama.  Map our route home on the back roads, like one lane high streets and byways.

4:30: Eat our feelings at Dreamland BBQ.  Amazing.  'Nuff said.

3:45: The time I had been dreading.  Saying Goodbye.  Emily had to rush off to her first official soccer meet
thing with her new collegiate team.  Short goodbye. 

2:00: Go on a wild goose chase around Mobile, Alabama to find Emily shin guards with no avail.  My GPS lead us to an empty parking lot in the middle of downtown and everything was closed because it was Sunday.

1:00: Make our millionth target trip to suit up her room!

NOON: Get all her stuff moved into her new room.  Meet her room mate.  Get all teary and emotional.

8:00: Wake up, and face the day


8:00PM: Veg out with seester.  Spend our last night together doing what we do best, under a blanket watching television.

7:00: Feast on good ol' southern cookin, and meet my mom's old college buddies.

4:00: Arrive back at  Connie's, and watch a marathon of Swamp People. 

NOON: Set out to tour Spring Hill's Campus, and Mobile.  Eat at a hole in the wall joint called Butch Cassidy's. Slam a giant burger, jalapenos stuffed with crab meat and amazing onion rings.

10:00: Venture to Target and Walmart to equip Emily's new space with a ton of awesomeness.

8:00: Lace up my nikes to brave the Alabama humidity, run 4 miles and sweat out my body weight.


10:00 PM: Pass out after the long day

6:00: Feast on amazing Alabama shrimp and crab cakes
3:00: Arrive at Connie's, my mom's old college pal. Both are Spring Hill Alum

NOON: Finally, make it to the beach at Dauphin Island. Become a little kid again.

11:30: Eat lunch at the Dauphin Island golf course. Amazing fried pickles!!

8:00 AM: Leave Jackson, Mississippi. Alabama bound.


11:00PM: Fall asleep watching Jersey Shore

8:00: Run errands around Jackson, MS. Visit Target and Barnes and Nobles.

7:00: Eat at Raising Canes. Good.

6:00: Arrive in Jackson, Mississippi

NOON: Stop in West Plains, MO and eat at a hole in the wall burger joint called Suds-N. Had the most amazing fries I have ever West Plains. Root Beer in a frosty mug!

8:00AM: set out on our journey to Mobile, Alabama.


Michael said...

pancake machine, bbq, beach fun, and chilled rootbeer.

Wow. If you had to say goodbye, you had a blast doing it, right?

Becky said...

1) You're hawt.

2) I want that root beer. Yum.