Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Good Reason


...do I keep getting sick with sinus infections? Gimme one minute to just pout and whine. waaah Welp, I have full blown sinusitis and it is AWESOME! I dunno if it is allergies, is the ragweed high? If I'm just run down, is it normal to sleep 3 hours a night? If just around way too many strange sickies, it's ok to hug people on the street right?
I'm suppose to put that where???
Yeah, trying the neti pot, got an expectorant and pushing fluids. Weak.

What always makes me feel better is spicy food though, so I zinged up some tacos for my mom and I. I love street tacos, ya know? The kind with just meat and cilantro. Mmm. Keep it simple, y'all. Beef, cilantro, red onion, and avocado. Unfortunately the avocado was a tad too ripe, but it was delish.

Remember that gelato I was obsessed with last week?? Found an excellent, healthier, pre-portioned alternative. Key lime Greek yogurt. It's not fat free so it's delicate and lush. If it get desperate enough, I could crush up Graham crackers and call it a day.

BTW it is important to READ coupons before you check out, I got all excited about getting $3 off my coffee today...but yeah you need to buy two. Oops.

Obligatory Goliath Photo.
Have you tried the neti pot or any sinus washes?
What kind of food alternatives have you found?
Are there are any coupons you clip?


Mama Lo said...

I have tried the neti pot, didn't work when things were bad, but it did help when allergies were just starting to bother me. I love some wasabi peas. Maybe those would help! Other than that mucinex d and ice on my sinuses. Feel better!

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

I have a neti pot and I love it! I used to use it before my long runs -- that way I never had to stop and blow my nose while running. It feels so gross and yet so good at the same time.

I hope you feel better! My allergies have been CRAZY this summer too.

Julia said...

i have never heard of that neti pot...looks intense! haha. hope you get to feeling better!

we used to get coupons all the time in our paper at my apartment complex. i LOVED it. now its either that someone wakes up at 4am on Sunday and steals them all or we do not get them any more. boo. but headed home to KY in a few days and I ALWAYS steal all my mom's :)

have a great wednesday!

Julia said...

OH. and i meant to say that spicy food = my absolute fave!

Sandra Bragg said...

I've used a neti pot before. It sort of helped, momentarily but it also made my sinuses hurt (think water up the nose).

I stick to zyrtek at night, claritin in the morning and vicks makes an "inhaler" that is like straight menthol to your nose.