Monday, August 22, 2011

Look at Me Now

I need to lose weight. Part 3: Before I Start...

Even though, I started my plan technically this morning. I want everyone to know where I am at now...this minute. Not five minutes ago, I took some pictures I guess for your viewing pleasure. These pictures can stand on their own, and need no introduction or commentary. I am just ready for them to change.

So before I start I want to make a few things clear. 1)Although I am being public about this, this blog will not revolve around weight loss. 2) You will now be able to see my food journal on my What I Eat Page. 3) I am sharing my plan, menu and strategies to keep ME accountable and in no way should taken as gospel truth. 4)

Day one has been what I expected. As with anything new, I was ready. I went to the grocery last night, stocked up on new foods that I was excited to try, my exercise was built in through volleyball.

Mmm that would low fat chocolate milk, curry lentil soup with pretzels, and a buffalo chicken collard green wrap.

What was for lunch today?
How do you keep your food journal?
Tried any new foods lately?


Kandyce said...

You're so brave to post a before picture! Kudos to you Julia!!

lunch-grilled chicken and veggies (pretty boring)
does frozen yogurt (pomegranate) count as new foods?

Paul said...

Panko breaded chicken nuggets (Baked, not fried), steamed edamame tossed in olive oil, herbs and a little salt and a few slices of melba toast.

I actually use to keep my workout and food journal. Luckily, they have a pretty robust journal system even for their free accounts.

I actually made home made hummus for the first time this past weekend and it turned out ok. Not fantastic, but pretty decent for a first shot. Not sure if it qualifies as new since I like hummus, but it is new in the sense that it was the first time I've ever made it at home.

Skinny[Party]Girl. said...

k so i don't actually know how many calories are in this recipe buuut it's gotta be better than the full fat version and was da' bomb. molly and i made it last night with some chicken, mushrooms & broccoli...

Manda said...

You are quite possible the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Look at you with your blue eyes drinkin' choco-milk THROUGH A STRAW NO LESS - still super sexy.