Monday, August 22, 2011

The Long Way Around

I need to lose weight. Part 2: What goals are made of

In case you missed last post and you are just too darn lazy to scroll down, which face it-sometimes we all are-I am setting out to lose 10lbs OR fit into size four pants. Whichever comes first.

Last time, I dropped some personal knowledge on y'all on why losing weight is hard for ME. Now today, I am here to tell you HOW I plan on doing this.

How I plan on doing this:
1. I am getting organized, not just about menu planning but scheduling exercise. I have scheduled an hour ever Sunday to plan my week's menus, and exercise. Then I am scheduling it. It may seem silly to schedule your dinner, or work out but guess what? Studies show if you schedule something or put it in writing, you will be more likely to follow through.

2. I will not be afraid to eat. Food is fuel. I will not restrict myself. I will eat what I want, when I am hungry. I will learn to cultivate a healthy desire for food. I will learn the difference between sampling something and scarfing something. I will not be afraid to eat. I will focus my diet on clean, whole foods. Snickers bars need not apply.

3. I am not going to count points, or calories for at least the first week. I am just going to journal, so I can reintroduce myself to tracking. I do not need culture shock, I need a realistic view of my intake and caloric burn.

4. My weigh in day will be Sunday morning before my long runs, so I can spend my long run reflecting on the week. This could be motivation or a hinderance, and I have accepted both. I need a devoted time to reflect but not dwell.

5. Strength training and I will reach a new mature relationship. I have purchased and read the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and intend on following their lifting plan twice weekly. Running and swimming will stay in my routine.

6. I will reward myself for a job well done, and I need new Toms. I will also reward you. Once I get there, there will be an epic giveaway to celebrate.

So there ya have it folks, my five steps to ten. Structure helps me succeed, but it can be difficult when the only person providing structure is yourself.

Standby for Part 3: Before I Start...

What kind of plan are you using to lose weight?
Do you count points, calories, carbs, etc?
If you reward yourself, what is your next reward?


Manda said...

I count carbs - low carb has really worked with me this year. I stared the first biggest loser in January of this year and got 22 pounds off in 8 weeks. I just started ANOTHER biggest loser am hoping to lose my final 15! I tend to reward myself with clothes, a new outifit to go with my new body! And if I want to keep that new outfit I need to stay in that new body, not add more!

Adie (all of the above) said...

I came to almost the same conclusion this week, but from the opposite direction! I've been obsessing too much over tracking and watching the scale, so I'm taking a step back to really focus on what matters: eating right exercising plenty, generally taking care of myself. I actually just posted about it today, too.

Good luck with your planning and goals! Can't wait to hear the updates.

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

I'm glad you're doing strength training!!! It has helped me so much with my body shape + my running -- seriously!