Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Skies Are So Blue

90% Healthy.

I decided to not run yesterday, and play it by ear this morning. If I was feeling better, I'd test the waters. If not, I'd give myself another day. But every day that I don't run, is another day of pent up anxiety about the marathon.

So after a cup of coffee, I decided that I would at least feel better mentally if I tried.

Goliath and I tested the trail, and had no real mileage or time goals...but you now me. I pushed pretty hard, and at our split the train came by and Goliath even started to try to race the train. We were running way too fast for a run after being sick.

At the end of four miles, we both collapsed in the grass. It was a great run, beautiful day but I should not have pushed that hard. Yet, I don't regret it.

I do feel like I am starting a clean running slate though. My shin splints are gone, and I felt pretty good overall. This might be the opportunity I need to start taking care of myself and fueling properly.

This evening, I finally made it out to see my adopted puppy family! Ever since my lovie, Megan moved east I don't see her as often which also means I don't see her babies as often. Last winter, Megan went to a dog auction and adopted a puppy mill doggie, who she named Emma. Last November, Emma was timid and spooked. She hid in her crate and would eat her poop. Now after the love and support of her new family, she's a boss. She runs after balls, plays with toys and cuddles. It is an absolute miracle, and Megan could not be a better fur mom. She also has two adorable weinies: Barney and Lacey. I love them all!!

What kind of steps do you take to get back into working out after a hiatus?
Do you have doggie extended family?
How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

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Rachelle S. said...

I have a french bulldog that looks exactly like that and we rescued her from a puppy mill and she acted the EXACT same way. The poop thing was the worst... cause then she would get sick and throw up and it was vomit/poop combo and it was HORRIBLE....She's still a lil timid around most people but with my family she's hysterical. :)

runningonwords said...

Oh goodness, I am in love with Emma! I do have doggie extended family that I miss horribly, but I actually don't like said doggy's owner that much, so I doubt I'll get to see her again. It's sad.