Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind!

11:38 PM: Update the blog! (from an ipad!! I am sooo getting one.)

9:00: Visit Yogurtime with Marysol and Rebecca to celebrate National Ice cream day...irony??

8:00: Friends come over, eat and drink

7:00: Go into full on food coma, take a nap

6:00: Hit up sushi miso with Logan, devour amazing rolls with my love

5:00: Grocery shop and stop in at Petsmart

3:00:  Go into work

1:00: Take another epic nap

NOON: Wake up from epicnaptime drive to chipotle, order two bols one with just lettuce. Pour contents of both bols into a 4 quart mixing bowl. Eat.

11:00: Epicnaptime

10:00: LOGAN ARRIVES AT HOME: Most people would greet their significant others after a long absence all clean, and cute...not me I was sweaty and disgusting.

8:45: Visit the dog park with Goliath, meet Danee and Stormy there.

6:00: Run 10 Milesn....that's right friends, double digits!! So hottttt....soo humid!

4:30AM: Ugh, wake up!


11:30PM: Pass out.

10:00: Drive back from Weston, MO

9:30: Engulf my food from sonic

8:00: Run Weston Bend Park, in Weston,MO. Incredibly gorgeous trail, ridiculous elevation and overgrown vegetation. I can't even describe how amazing this run was. I must go back. Ran it with my fitness friends: SwellMary, Bob, Rebecca and Isaac.

6:30: head to Weston, MO

5:00: Pick up frozen yogurt...yes, by myself. Thanks Yogurtime for not judging me.

9:00: Go into work

8:00AM: Wake up, yawn


11:00PM: Fall asleeeeeeeeeep!

10:00: Skype and photos with my family!

8:00: Test out yogurtini in KCMO with my mom, make fun of hilarious of stools. I give this place a semi-seal of approval.

7:00: Test out taco factory in KCMO with my mom and sister, this place gets my seal of approval.

6:00: get off work



Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

I love your gigantic Chipotle salad!!! I want that for lunch today.

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

I love your weekend rewind. This was very fun to read!

The pictures are all great, and I'm sure you know this, but your hubby is adorable. Almost as adorable as you! Okay, I'll stop being creepy now.

Great runs in there!

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

@Holly-you def should. It's the most delicious thing ever, I justify it with the bowl of lettuce...

@Leah-Thanks girl!!! I have a pretty big crush on him.

kimberly rae said...

mmmmm! you just made my life!! i ALWAYS order the bowl from chipotle but have never thought to do it like this! amaaazing!!

(ps, found your blog through ww message boards!)

Therese said...

Please tell me that sushi restaruant was in Shawnee/Mission. I need some STAT!