Friday, July 01, 2011

Video Viernes: 5 Keys to Weight Loss and Keeping it Off

I really apologize for the quality, my mac sucks and I have zero editing skills.

Why do I do this? I guess I enjoy publicly humiliating myself on the internerd.

Love you guys!


keepingupwithkate said...

Love your first one - make entirely too much sense and I think SO many people forget that. And go WW! :)

Also love Goliath's (non) contribution. One of my dogs (Zoey) is the same way - she stays in bed until I get up - even if my husband and the other dog are already up and about - she's not moving until the last person's out of bed. :)

Michael said...

I luv the fact that you are drinking coffee while doing the vlog. Its like Regis and Julia or something. Whats are topic for today? 5 keys to weight loss coming up next.