Friday, July 08, 2011

All Right, All Ready

This is gonna be a quick post.

A)I am tired.
B) No, scratch that I am exhausted.
C) Logan leaves tomorrow for 11 days, so I should be hanging out with him
D) All of the above.

Yesterday, I decided to make up for my skipped run due to rain.  So G and I set out to tackle an easy four miler.  The heat was bearable, and the humidity was meh.  Us runners should be use to it though.  We constantly complain about the heat, the humidity, the cold the wind, the sun, the air..erm not the air.  Regardless of the conditions, we will probably complain.  Well...I will probably complain.  Maybe I should speak so generally?

Goliath was so not into photos
It was just like any other four mile run, except I am all like time obsessed these days.  My head keeps telling me I need to be pushing sub 8s, and my body is like "uhm what the frick? no."   Mentally, I want to be back to where I was last year at this time.  Holding an 8 for 8 miles, the idea of doing that now makes me want to vomit a little.  Speed takes soooo long to develop, and yet it takes so little to lose.  Frustration.

Forget my nay saying, it was a pretty good run.  Toward the end though my legs bricked pretty bad and I felt like I was running in sand.  I think it was a tad dehydrated.  Goliath was so tired.  I dunno what was up, but he actually sat down in the car. He NEVER does that!

Late last night, Logan and I were eating our dinner.  Yeah, it was almost 11PM and we finally got around to eating a nutritious dinner of chicken nuggets and twizzlers.  I am not even ashamed.  Sometimes, you gotta eat chicken nuggets and twizzlers for dinner.  I may have gotten a ltitle carried away and started being Twizzler Ninja when I started hitting Logan and teasing Goliath.  

I know it looks like I am just dangling it in his face, but I was dancing around and swinging them like nun-chucks.  When I would hit Logan with them, Goliath would intervene to defend Logan.  But instead of going to play fight back, he just went right for the twizzler.  
My dog knows what's up.  G's down with the Twizzlers.

We took it back though, Goliath may not know this but 
twizzlers are minutes on the jowls, 
but hours of loose bowels.



(so much for a quick post!)


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

MMm I am trying to decide if I hate subzero temperatures or heat and humidity more....

I will tell you what i learned to love though... rain.

runningonwords said...

I hate the humidity! I'd take running on ice back over this any day! I actually love running in the rain if it is warm.

Your Twizzler antics made me crack up! Twizzlers are the shit.

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

humidity is gross right?? You sweat and it doesn't dry up, icky!