Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take It All

Oh man you guys!

I didn't mean to ignore you today,  I really wanted to post earlier but I didn't take many photos yesterday and was pretty slammed at work.  So that makes for a lame-o post-o right-o?

Yes. Right-O.

Also, I've been having mah-jah internerd issues.  It keeps going in and out...in and out...ERGH! Of course everything falls apart when I am by me onsie, left with Goliath to conquer the world.  Speaking of conquering the world, did you read my weekend rewind? And my sad attempt to mow the lawn?  And how I gave up?

Let me just get one thing straight: I can do anything.  Well, not anything. But anything I WANT to do, I CAN do.  So when it came to mowing the lawn on Sunday, it wasn't really something I wanted to do but something I needed to do.  My dad was a landscaper, I grew up doing yard work
My ride to grade school was a tractor, and yes I lived in a city.  FACT
I was the 100th customer at John Deere one day and won a leaf blower at the ripe old age of 9, and wouldn't share it with my dad. FACT
I love to cut grass. FALSE.

In fact, until Sunday it had been YEARS since I pushed a mower.  When my parents were divorced, my mom invested in an electric mower and all you did was push a button and go...easy peeasssy.  
Pain in the ass? Yes. Easy? Yes. What I own now? No.

Logan bought us a super nice gas mower, which honestly  I don't truly think I have the upper body strength to even truly start.  I think it had mercy on me...several times Sunday, and a few times today.

Sunday was like 200 billion degrees outside, so I think naturally 2:30 PM was a perfect time to start clipping away.  
Pain in the ass? Yes. Sweltering? Yes. Smart? No.

Anyway, I got to mowing and it came back pretty naturally.  I remembered how to put sweet lines into the grass, and I did a good job on the front.  In fact, I even started to enjoy the work.  Something about SEEING progress is instantly gratifying.  It wasn't until I had to move in to my giant back yard did I have a problem.

Front yard: Check

I started on the side yard, which if you are facing the backyard has a slight hill to right up to the neighbors driveway.  Since I was overachieving and wanted to keep my line pattern consistent, I pushed the mower up this  slight hill, and the weight of the mower came right back toward me down the hill.  What goes up comes down right?  Newton never said it comes RIGHT back down though. 

Anyway, there I am standing behind this mower that's running and careening down a hill.  I am in between it and the house, and of course still holding on but trying not to trip and stop it.  So I am backing up with the momentum of the mower, I feel my feet on a rock that marks my flower beds and my body falls backward at a 45 degree angle into my side window.  The mower pins me against the house.  

Nothing broken, I am ok. Nothing hurts. Crisis avoided. I am leaning against the window, mower still running, so I release the clutch and let the mower die.  Smart! Now, I don't have the propelling motor.  I go to push the mower off me and use the window as leverage.


So after all that, me trying to get up is what broke a window.  Can you believe it? 

Back yard....finally check, took me two days....

I got halfway through the back yard before I gave up.  I came back today and finished it up, and felt good about it again, but I can't believe I broke a window! 

Sorry, for the non-dog-running post.  But this was SERIOUS exercise.  My arm is still sore from yanking the starter. Cross training?

Time to rest
Who am I these days though?
I changed a tire and mowed the lawn. I don't know this person.



KT Bee said...

I mow my own yard with the ancient gas, Kate powered mower that came with my house. I loathe mowing the yard, but I love the feeling of accomplishment when it's done! and yes serious cross-training!

Holly @ The Runny Egg said...

Thankfully we live in a townhome and do not have to do yardwork!!! Or shovel snow!!! But my parents have a huge driveway and a huge yard and sometimes I think I've done enough yardwork/shoveling to last a lifetime.

And yes that counts as cross training!

Christine said...

I'm catching up on my RSS feed, I'm glad your back, I like to be inspired by your blog!!

My answers: I don't have a yard, or mower, and never broke a window. <-- I'm boring!

Becky said...

Since I live back with my parents right now these questions are funny to answer...

I help pull weeds, take care of the garden/plants, clean the pool
Dad mows the grass. The mower is his toy. Nobody elses.
He has a big 'ol rider mower.
I have never broken a window. *knocks on wodd*

keepingupwithkate said...

Me and the hubs both do the yard work. Yesterday I actually had some ridiculous heat exhaustion (and a run in with a sweat bee!) that caused me some fun issues - should probably post on it now that it's funny...

I grew up using a HUGE push mower, but we now have a self propelled gas mower that does the job...well, if you're behind it.

I totally agree with you about it being gratifying...I think it's because you can see the results instantly! Such a change from working with the kiddos at work ;)

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

@KT: You are such a boss!! Can I be you?? Seriously.

@Holly: I envy your living situation! I dont know why aren't wise like you-we rent AND do all the yard work!

@Christine: I'm glad I am back too! Hah, but good to see you around again! How are you girl?!

@Becky: I bet you are the best weed puller this side of the Mississippi!

@Kate: OMigosh! I hate sweat bees!! They are so annoying!! LOL @ "..if you're behind it..." haha