Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Recipe: Redneck Fried Chicken


So you say you want to be a redneck?  Well then you gotta know how to fry up tha good schtuff.
I am not really a redneck, but sometimes I pretend to be-especially on days when I whip out the deep fryer and start talking with my accent that Logan pokes fun at. 

Truth be told though, my momma was the Queen Bee of Louisiana Fried Chicken, and that's where I learned the tricks of the trade. 

Now Listen here, I'm not sharing my Mom's secrets, just mine-which are a good combination of my Mom's recipe and Paula Deans disgustingly delicious heart attack disasters.

What you need...
-1 Whole Chicken
-A sharp knife
-2 Eggs
-1/3 c of milk
-Hot Sauce (optional)
-Paper sack
-2 Cups flour, all purpose
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-Oil to fry in, preferably peanut but vegetable, canola, etc works

How you do it...

1. Grab the chicken by the butt hole and piece that baby like you know what you're doing.  I guess you could be a total poser and buy it already pieced, but that's your prerogative I guess. In case you don't have google, you will get: 2 wings, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs, and 2 breasts with oysters, so 8 servings. Let these babies sit for a minute to relax, being cut up is stressful. 

2. Whip up your egg wash.  Combine egg and milk in a bowl and whip up.  If you want spicy chicken, add your hott sauce to the wash, and to a desired amount according to your spice-o-meter.

3. Shake up your coating.  Combine flour, salt and pepper, garlic and paprika in a paper bag.  All the aforementioned should be according to your taste. For the record, when it comes to fried chicken the more salt the better.  I know, I know...sodium is bad but honestly, you are already eating fried chicken right?

sick set up bro, easy chicken frying factory line

4. At the point, you should begin to heat up your oil.  If you have a deep fryer you shouldn't worry because ZAP! it's ready, but if you are going to use a boiler it will take a few minutes.  To test to see if your oil is ready, dip you fingers in...if you skin falls off it's ready. No, I kid.  Run water over your fingers and flick it in.  If it dances and pops, you're ready to go.  If you are using a deep fryer, it should be at at least 360degrees.

Say 'ello to mah little frand

5. The rest is easy as pie, not that the beginning was hard. Each piece of chicken needs to be individually bathed in the egg wash, rub each piece tenderly with affection.  Once they have been baptized into the egg wash, drop them into the paper sack with the dry goods.  Only do one or two pieces at a time, to ensure each gets coated evenly and they don't bump elbows and rub the coating off each other.
Coated chicken nibbles

6. With tongs grab the chicken and immediately submerge in hot oil.  White meat needs to cook for about 10 minutes, or until golden brown.  Dark meat takes a little longer about 12 minutes.
7. When ready, take out of oil and place onto paper towel laden plate to sop up excess oil.  Allow to cool, but not too much.

8. Mouthgasm.

This picture sucks. Sorry.


pinkishdaisies said...

How about the kale salad recipe? I am on a kale kick lately and have two heads from a local farm in my fridge :)

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

Roger roger! I will get that up STAT!