Friday, July 01, 2011

Do That Booty Work

AHHHH IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Do you know how excited this makes me!  Here's why:
1. No Class
2. F is for Favorite, and it's also the first letter of Friday, so naturally favorite!
3. After Friday comes Saturday and that means epic nap time.
4. Friday is Latin for fun
5. I am unofficially dubbing Friday: Frozen Yogurt Friday.

Do you like my Friday skirt? I am on the fence.
Yesterday was a good day!  Work was not hectic.  I finally got out of my three day slump and worked out.  Had a good night with friends...and food.  Food and I are good friends.

My work out was a 40 minute free swim, just doing laps back and forth.  I am not ready to do sets and be hardcore about swimming.  So I just gave myself a time goal, and called it good.  Didn't even count laps.  In the three lanes, from right to left, there was me, a girl and a trainer learning to freestyle, and some cracked out middle aged woman who kept talking to herself and the wall. 

Do I go to a sketchy gym?  This lady totally freaked me out.  She was audibly cussing, and complaining about pain.  She also kept looking at me and watching me swim, and would make comments about my laps-I don't know if they were to me ooor just ya know-rhetorical?  But it was pretty hard for me to finish 40 minutes and focus.

After a quick dry off and change, I did some easy lifting. That may be an oxymoron: easy lifting.  I did:
3 Sets of:
25 static lunges with bicep curls, both sides
20 balance ball crunches with arm raise, both sides
20 tricep dips
25 lateral lunches with lateral arm raise, both sides
25 squats with arm press

Pretty good sets for just winging it, right?  Alls I know is I am sore today!

So I have decided to get myself motivated to lift more I need to do the following things, today is a list day:
1. Invest in a program: I have reserved the New Rules of Lifting Book at B&N, everyone seems to being going nutso about this book, so might as well try it!
2. Invest in cuter work out clothes:  I really need to stop dressing like a dude, and feel cute and confident in my exercise clothes.  I love my running stuff, not my gym stuff.  If I am going to have people judging me, I might as well give them something to look at?

3.  Invest in self tanner:  Sorry, but everyone knows muscles look better tan.  I hate to admit it, but it's true.
4.  Develop a lifting playlist:  Suggest songs!  My running jams don't fit, they make me want to lift really fast.

I finished my night with a Long Island and some buffalo wings! Hello heaven!



Mama Lo said...

All of my workout pants are from Aerie. They are capris AND they have a pocket for my iPod. Oh, and they are stretchy and make me look skinny no matter what weight I'm at.

Amanda said...

Oh how I love Long Island's. Those are hands down my favorite drinks. The only problem is it is hard to find someone to make them so they actually taste good.

I like the skirt.

My favorite workout attire is my spandex capris. They are so slimming and they look awesome on me.

I love Fridays because the work week is over!