Monday, June 06, 2011

Yes, It's on and poppin'

As you can tell, I take weekends off from the blogging world.  Mainly so I have enough time to have semi-interesting things to write about it-but also because I am usually busy enough to not find time to introduce my fingers to a keyboard.

This weekend happened to be one of the busiest of my life, and in retrospect I don't know how I was able to cram it all in and manage to stay afloat.  The first weekend of June is always a busy one for me, but 2011 took to whole new levels.  My weekend started on Thursday, lucky me right?    Thursday I worked a half day at real work, and then drove to the Kansas City Beach Volleyball club for the second half of work-which yes I actually got paid to do.  We had a "Beach Bash" sand volleyball tournament with work, and myself and team mates played for almost four hours-in the hot hot hot sun. 

Volleyball is my true first love.  You really never forget it.  I played throughout high school and for the club team at KU.  I love the sport.  I really love it.  I have been playing in an indoor league for the past few months, which I failed to blog about because I was on hiatus, but if you play it right and you play it well, it's an excellent work out.  Volleyball works muscles in my arms and back that usually goes unnoticed. The jumping and quick sprints is excellent for different muscle development in my legs that endurance training doesn't provide.  A few months ago, after not playing for several years I played a pretty competitive indoor game and the next day my calves bricked so hard I could barely walk.  Soreness I no longer really get the pleasure of feeling with my lactate threshold.

I prefer indoor though, and I will show you why:

I really hate when I forget sunscreen.

This was really the last thing I needed before the hardest half marathon of my season.  Oh and the sand is a drag too.  My team ended up in third. 


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