Sunday, June 05, 2011

W/E Menu 06.05.11

Week of May 30 through June 5
Bacado Omelet, hash browns,
english muffin with butter, coffee
2 slices of
BBQ Chicken Pizza,
Grilled chicken, leafy green sald
wtih ranch dressing
Honey greek yogurt,
pepper jack string cheese
Coffee with brown sugar,
0% greek yogurt with lemon
Grilled chicken with
grilled squash tossed in 
a roasted tomato dressing
Cherry glazed pork chops,
brown rice, romaine salad
with ranch dressing
Apple with peanut butter
Coffee with brown sugar,
2% greek yogurt with cherries, 2 clementines
Grilled chicken with grilled squash, plain
2 clementines
Shrimp Arrabiata over GF penne
Edamame, grapes, Apple with peanut
Coffee with brown sugar,
oatmeal with blueberries
Grilled chicken, romaine salad with roasted tomato dressing,
2 clementines
Protein Plus Power Bar, Fruit snacks, three nacho chips
FRIDAY-carb loading
Pumpkin Muffin, coffee with brown sugar
Grilled chicken, clementines, pretzels, gatorade
Salad bar, various pastas, bread sticks, vanilla frozen yogurt and cherry cobbler
race day, 13.1 miles
Gu Chomps, Power bar Protein bites, banana
salad, chicken, gold fish, oatmeal cream pie, banana
2 beers, sweet potato fries, greek yogurt
I ate ALL day after ther ace
Pineapple greek yogurt, 2%, coffee with brown sugar, peanut butter crackers
grilled chicken in buffalo sauce, dorritos, grapes, pepper jack string cheese
12 ounce steak, green beans, romaine salad with ranch dressing, edamame, pineapple fluff dessert
too much candy, string cheese


erin e. said...

How much brown sugar do you us in your coffee? I've never enough though of this, but want to try it out.

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

Erin, I use about one-two teaspoons, depending on the day :)