Friday, June 24, 2011

Video Viernes: 5 Reasons Why Goliath is My DogMate

This one is much longer than the last, sorry for being long winded!

...and if you watched the whole thing you're my new beth frand


Michael said...

"wouldnt even let him smell his nuts." WIN

runningonwords said...

It's not that you are long-winded, Goliath just didn't quite cooperate. You two are hilarious!

Becky said...

Internet in a small town sucks. I have been trying to watch this video for days now and it won't load past the first 5 seconds.

keepingupwithkate said...

Ha! As a dog lover I seriously enjoyed your 5 reasons why Goliath is your dogmate. Hilarious and adorable. It's amazing how much we can love our dogs sometimes, isn't it? :)