Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Race Recap: KCHS Dog-N-Jog

I don't want to disappoint you guys, but I DID NOT compete in the triathlon on Sunday.  I will make a whole post regarding that, but my reasons are pretty solid and I am not sad at all.  I will race a triathlon, it just wasn't my time.

Sunday, however, turned out to be race day for me anyway.  G-Bonez and I ran the KC Humane Society's 2 Mile Competitive Dog-n-Jog, my favorite race of the year!!  Just like last year, we registered for the 2 mile race.
It was the perfect day for a race, I was out a little late the night before and drank so I was worried about over sleeping and being dehydrated.  I woke up on time, drank coffee with G and we drove down there.  I had been pumping Goliath up for a few days, so when we finally loaded up in the car he was bouncing off the doors.  He howled the whole way there.

When we arrived, we found our KCREGAP friend's booth.  Then we meandered through different booths, learning about dog camps and foods.   Before long it was race time,  we lined up toward the back because I had no real intention of pushing too hard.  I mentally rehearsed telling myself to slow down, and told myself it was OK to run slower.  This is for Goliath, not you.

famcy dog treats, Goliath hated them, he spit it out

The race start is a total cluster, but is amazing.  I am such a dog person that just being around other crazy dog lovers and dogs elates me beyond bound.  At the start a beagle sprawled out and decided she just wasn't up for a race, and another dog-a chocolate lab-took two trots and decided it was appropriate to drop a deuce in the midst of runners.  Hilarious how embarrassed some people get with their dogs, hello? They are dogs they do funny things.

fun dog obstacle course!

Anyway about the race, it's four laps around the Plaza.  Goliath and I took the first lap slow, 4:35-a nice steady pace for us.  I felt great though, and Goliath wanted to run faster.  He kept pulling, he wanted to see who was next.  He wanted to show off.  We ended up running the first mile right around 8 minutes.  The second mile, we really turned it on.  Goliath wasn't trotting like normal, he was in a full gallop.  The pace was a lot faster than I'd like, but I just kept saying push, push, push-and then the race was over.

We finished in 14:29, and placed 6th overall. Chyea chyea chyea!
That's a true test of fitness: See how long you can keep a husky at a gallop.

There was a Sheridan's booth, which is frozen custard.  We stopped by before, and Goliath knew what it was.  He jumped up on the table and licked up leftovers.  He loves frozen custard, partly because it's what we get after dog park trips and partly because who the hell doesn't?!  They gave us a doggie cone, which he proceeded to swallow in one gulp.  Like mother like son, right?  His mini-counterpart Ellie, however, delicately licked her's and savored the custard.

One cone, one bite

We got sooo much swag, granted it's all freebie stuff, I am excited about it.  Favorite thing evarrr is the collapse-able water dish fo rthe dog park! Sweet that thing is $20 at target! Win!

Now, that I've updated about MY weekend...



Michelle said...

that race sounds awesome. I wish we had something like that in Boston! I did a 1 mile trail hike with my pup this weekend to benefit the ASPCA but no one ran it.

I've never backed out of a race but I'm guessing you had your reasons. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I race for me, so as long as I was at peace with it..

Kate said...

I've backed out of...at least one race. The half marathon I was going to do for practice. I told myself it was because I was sick and it was supposed to snow, but I think I was just nervous.

That's okay, I did one a month later and it was great!

Love the new blog layout - cute!