Thursday, June 02, 2011

Never Gonna Run Away

Two-a-days is really starting to kick my butt, and it's only been a week.  What I'm told, it should get easier.  Yesterday, I did an easy run with Scootz for 3 miles in the morning and in the evening I swam 400 meters and then lifted.  None of which I can truly say I enjoyed, and by the time I came home to cool down and roll out my muscles I looked like this:

Why is that I am capable of running for hours, HOURS at a time-yet a simply, easy 3 miles can totally spank me?  At least I was able to sleep until 6am AND we had the pleasure of jaunting on my favorite trail, since lame-o replacement trail is closed for a week.  I didn't even know it was like National Runners Day, no one sent me a greeting card.  I am totally marking that for next year.  I digress, I was sweating more after that 3 miles than I was after the monster hill repeats from Tuesday. 

I have such a hate-hate relationship with the gym.  It is right across the street from my home, I can SEE it from my driveway.  There is no reason for me to not go, but it's ALWAYS packed until 10PM.  I really need to get as much swimming as possible in before the tri-but I am really embarrassed about my skill level, so much so the only stroke I'm confident about is breast.  When was the last time you saw someone swim open water breast stroke? Right.  I want to practice but I feel REALLY awkward that the sauna and steam rooms both have open glass doors that face the pool.  Last night, as I was finishing a lap I rested at the wall and faced the sauna only to see it was packed with people just watching the people swimming.  Insecure 8th grade Julia came out and imagined them laughing at me, and I didn't do my last 100 meters.

Pre-work out Green Foods!
When I dried off, I went to go lift-which I hate enough as is-but at peak hours, people are standing around waiting for cardio machines and watching the same free weights room.  I was doing dumb bell flys on a balance ball and this lady was standing directly behind me and watching me in the mirror.  I wish I was making this up, I followed her eyes follow me.  I thought maybe if I oogled back, she'd get weirded out and move along-but no.  So this is why I hate the gym.   It is not a problem for me to hop on a cardio machine, or do a class-but I have to be off on my own, I suddenly feel like I'm in a bubble.  I know I'm not alone in this, I know it's pretty common to feel this way.  I know it's probably one of the number one reasons people are discouraged by fitness facilities. 

I keep telling myself if I stick with it, and be more confident in my own skin I will be encouraging people to watch me work out-but in the mean time, I want to lift in complete darkness at 3am in a costume.

In otherrrrrrrr news, Miss Swell Mary cuts alls mai hurrs last night! How sad is my life that the only time I have to get my hair done is at 9:45 at night?  Anyway, I am SO excited.  It's like this huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  Do you know how much of a hassle it was to wash and blow dry my hair and then straighten it so it looks semi-decent TWICE A DAY?  Pass.  I am so happy to have manageable hair!  Yay!  Thanks Mary!!



Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Gorgeous haircut!

I don't belong to a gym... OH wait, I do belong to Curves. But I only go there with my mom, and she's sick a lot, so I forgot about it!

I do home workouts on the treadmill, Nordic Track skier, recumbant bike, and with DVDs by The Firm.

Amanda said...

Love the new hair!

I belong to the Y and I wouls say that I sometimes feel like what you described. I feel funny doing free weights or weight machines. I like to do machines or classes. I know a lot of people don't like the gym for fear of being judge.

erin e. said...

I don't currently belong to a gym. I used to belong to the YMCA, and I actually liked that gym better than the Gold's Gym I belonged to before that. The Y mostly had older people and they were really just there to socialize with their friends, so I didn't feel judged by them.

I love the new hair!! I need to get mine cut really bad!!

Steph said...

I belong to the Y- and only use it for the pool at this point. I used the fitness center over the winter a few times, but yeah. I like it a lot better than the other gyms I've belonged to for the same reason Erin E. listed- old people don't judge.

I also never had swim lessons and taught myself from You Tube. So...I'm pretty sure I look just as or more silly than you do!

Skinny[Party]Girl. said...

I wake my ass up at 5AM to lift because the after work crowd freaks me out, too many buff dudes checking themseleves out in the mirrors...also i know people stare and judge at the gym because i do it myself but like who really cares? Get it, gurl.

Manda Morris said...

I do belong to a gym, and I have only once had to say "could you stop, your making it hard for me" At my gym there is a side section on our track that has treadmills and elipticals (only 2 or 3)and a certain gentleman parked himself there to watch as the runners went by. When he saw someone he liked he gave them the thumbs up, when he saw someone he didn't like he shot them a "what are you doing" 2 handed gesture. On my second "what are you doing" gesture I immediately STOPPED on the track (causing a back up behind me) and asked him to stop. WHICH HE DID. He made a lot of noise leaving, but he left. PEOPLE ARE STUPID, but they also can tell when someone SMARTER is in their path and they tend to move out of the way. You pay just as much money as they do to occupy that gym, they need to be more respectfull of you or MOVE ALONG.
Show some courtesy and leave someone alone while they work out! DONT RUIN SOMEONE ElSE'S WORK OUT!

elkonigin said...

I belong to 24-hour. It's right around the corner from my work. It's an older gym, but it's not generally that crowded in the evening.

Love the hair!