Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Forever Enough?

Since, I have taken a few days off from the blogging world you will be getting a lot of rapid fire posts about my weekend excursions.  Well actually, I do a lot of the stuff required to blog like live a life and take a butt load of pictures, I just haven't posted anything, but that counts for absolutely nothing.  It's like going to class, but not showing up on test day.

Less the never,  Friday night is the weirdest night of the week for me.  I have things scheduled every night except Friday, but I typically work later that day.  Maybe I am total LOSER, but I did absolutely nothing on Friday but run.  I took Goliath out for a 4 miler, and the humidity really took it out of both of us.  Goliath usually motivates me to run a lot faster, but not Friday.  Maybe he just wasn't into it, but I could tell he was sluggish-just like me. 

I love being covered in sweat, knowing I just had a killer work out.  We celebrated with pizza, and as far as I am concerned the only way to eat pizza is with tons of full fat ranch dressing and banana peppers.

Anyway, I may be a total LOSER but I was also in bed by like 9pm.  Last week was such a whirlwind, and by Friday I was so exhausted.  Saturday morning was a fresh boost though, I woke up wicked early, made a yummerfiic breakfast and drug Logan and Goliath to the local farmers market.  We went to the Merriam, KS one as opposed to the one I've blogged about before in KCMO.  Merriam is a lot smaller, only like 15-20 vendors.  I can always spot the farmers I want to buy from instantly,  I always go to the oldest guy or gal there.  They must be in overalls or be wearing some sort of plaid.  The signage must be hand written on cardboard.  That is my criteria.  So hippie chick with the feathers in your hair who started organic farming last year because you love the earth, good for you-but you're not getting my money.  Joe is, and that's the name of the guy I bought from on Saturday.  He sold me GIANT bushels of spinach, butter crunch lettuce and radishes for $3.  I also bough 3 squash and a quart of blue berries.  I spent less than $15, which is bomb.

This picture makes it look like it's a lot bigger than it is...

After we got produce rich, we took Goliath on a walk.  Goliath very rarely gets to go out with us both, it's a sad reality, but it's true. When we both walk with him, he gets SO excited.  He randomly jumps in the air, and does this spin twist move.  It's amazing.   I love how happy we can make him with something so simple, and in turn how happy he makes me with his silliness. 

So then I proceeded to take a 2.5 hour nap, why? Because I could.  My house was a mess, I had homework to do, I needed to work out-but gosh darnit, I was tired.  Mainly because I skipped my morning coffee, but also because I feel like I never stop. The fact that  I never nap should be evidence enough. 

For dinner that night, we met our two besties Blake and Danee at Houlihan's because I am a total sucker for contests and free food.  Say what you will about chains and the ilk, but I LOVE this place.  I get free fries every time I go because of foursquare, I always have something else for free and their food is delicious.  It may be an upscale Applebee's, but guess what I don't have a problem with Applebee's either. So deal with it, naysayer.  Any placer where I can get a liter of long island ice team for $6 gets a hug and kiss from me.  I ended up eating pizza for the second night in a row, and ha! They drizzled ranch dressing on there for me without my asking-win!

BBQ Chicken Flatbread, I give it a B+  because it was a normal human portion size, and I need Hulk sized plates.

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Therese said...

So... totally random but I'm about to sign up for the Lucky 13.1 next weekend, about 30 minutes south of KC. Want to join? I'm obviously kind of desperate for a running buddy! (theresemarie414(at)gmail(dot)com)