Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Be Doing Something Right

Guess what lovies?!  It's my wedding anniversary to the Mr. Man.  THREE WHOLE YEARS! Amazing someone would want to put up with me that long, let alone share a bed and smell my toots at night, am I right?! So happy anniversary to us, we celebrated this weekend and will continue to do so throughout the week.  Because we are party-ers like that, you know.

But before we started out celebration, I took my furry beth frand on a long run.  I am officially going to start following a training plan again, and get my balls back.  So, you will start seeing my long run posts again.  This was going to be my pre-long run, or the PRLRBJGHBB (the pre-long run before julia gets her balls back). By "balls back" I mean the courage to attempt another marathon, since my ego took a major hit in October.

So anyway, tangent, we went to run before we started our anniversary fun.  I decided to go to the old trail since it's better for runs over four miles.  I was met with the most frustrating deluge of traffic due to road construction and it put my about 20 minutes behind schedule.  Those 20 minutes really messed me up.  First of all, I became irrationally angry with traffic.  Second, I knew this would throw off my hydrating schedule since I gulped water before I left.  Third, ARDESJDNG EFFING TRAFFIC!!!

I had a REALLY hard time getting him out the water

Whatever, we got there.  I was determined to have a positive run.  I told myself in the car, I wanted to just destroy this.  I wanted to be exhausted.  However, that 20 minute difference put is at the hottest point of the day and I kinda started to feel bad keeping G out in the heat that long.  We did 5:1, which turned out pretty well.  I was able to keep my stamina up a lot longer, I didn't feel the normal fatigue that I do in my back mileage.  We stopped frequently to allow for Goliath to cool off in the stream and drink up. I hate to admit but one of the stops was for me, due to those 20 minutes I had to pee like 1 mile into the run.  I was able to ignore until mile 5, I HAD to go.  So I became one with nature, and peed in the woods. This in turn Judge me, I dare you. 

As a reward for the run, I let Goliath play in the fountain.  My reward, however, was watching some amateur LARPers go into battle. I would go into great depth of this hilarity that ensued, but trust me when I tell you these guys were amateurs.  There is a group of people who LARP at a local park, in full costume and they have well developed characters and weaponry.  But these kids, on this day kinda showed up to a park in jeans with things that didn't even resemble weapons.  One kid even had a bouncy ball. You must click that if you don't know what I am saying. Come on, dudes.  Like go big or go home right?  If you're gonna LARP do it correctly, am I right?  Maybe they were practicing? To be fair, one guy did have a tail on and another girl kept saying she was a fairy. My favorite part was when they finally were going to start battle, they all stood in pairs in a swampy field until some rogue knight bellowed FIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT. Then.......nothing happened.  They all just continued to stand there, kinda just looking at each other.  Until finally Mr. Rogue Knight, came yelling out from behind a tree and smacked some kid upside the head with his bouncy ball.  DANGEROUS! 



Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! ♥

I don't know what a LARP is. Do I fail? :)

Also, no judgement from me. I've taken potty breaks on bike trails before off into the woods somewhere. Sometimes, you just can't hold it anymore and there's nowhere else to go.

ashley & sundance said...

Happy Anniversary!

I didn't know what LARP was either. I've seen people playing Quidditch (a la Harry Potter) with kitchen brooms and a soccer ball. That was beyond entertaining. :)

Mrs. W said...

Oh the memories of the Trail! Oh and the fountains!!