Friday, June 17, 2011

Gotta Keep Your Chin Up

Alright, so I have prolonged this post long enough.

Want to know why I did do the triathlon on Sunday?  Ok I will tell you.

  1. I gave myself less than a month to train.  I know I most likely would have been fine, and would have finished but I am really sick of half-assing my races.  I also really hate, MEGALOATHE when people hear about running a marathon or a half marathon, and sign up a month before and think they can be ready.  It cheapens the months and months of training everyone else did.  I have too much respect for my triathlete counterparts to do that.  I am not naive to think that this would have been easy.  Training for a triathlon is hard work, it takes months of dedication and conditioning.  For me to just to show up, after a few weeks of mediocre training would have been an insult to those valiant souls who spent countless hours sweating on a bike, on the trail and in a pool/lake. 
  2. I could not find a bike.  Silly excuse, but it turned out to be a pretty big obstacle for me.  I have never had a bicycle of my own since I was like seven years old.  At the age of seven, I fell of my brother's bicycle and left it on the sidewalk in front of my home to get a band aid.  Ten minutes later it was stolen.  I never had a bike since, I borrowed people's to get from here to there.  When, I lived in Honduras in 2005, I rode a bike for the first time in years but since my stay there I hadn't really been on a bike.  Being as busy as I am, I had a very small window of opportunity to track down a decent bike to ride during the race.  I found myself the Thursday before, frantically asking people and visiting bike shops for rentals.  Frankly, the bike shops were pretty snobby to me seeing as I had no idea what size I needed, I hadn't been on a bike since 2005 and I was asking to rent a 3k bike.  The rental would have been nearly $100 and honestly, my clumsy behind does not need to responsible for three thousand dollars of bicycle. 
  3. I was scared.  Usually fear is something that I can handle, I get a little nervous about every race-not so much anymore-but there's always a twinge.  This though, this was something new.  This was something I knew NOTHING about.  I didn't even know how it would work. I have only seen pictures of triathlons.  I had so many strange questions, and doubts. It was overwhelming for me to show up completely under trained and not knowing what to expect.
  4. I had no Open Water swimming experience.  NONE.  I had heard sooo many stories about people having anxiety attacks  in OW, and I could just feel that happening to me with all my already built up anxiety.
  5. I am a chicken.
So that is why I bloggged and blogged about my pending triathlon, and why it did not happen.  Feel free to berate me, I think I deserve it.

Disappointment Dog

Why is it that EVERY TIME I go to type the word "triathlon" I always type "triathlong"?! Annoying, but probably something subliminal.


Becky said...

You don't deserve any berating at all. You did what was right by you. "Excuses" or not. You felt that you weren't ready and you didn't do it.

I am giving you love ad kudos for standing up and saying that you knew you weren't ready.

The open water thing is what terrifies me about a triathlon. I'm not a good swimmer though and my biggest fear is drowning. So... I'd get the anxiety.

Anyway, do not over analyze and do not beat yourself up for this. You did what you needed to. And there's always a "next time".

:) Chin up!

Becky said...


Apparently I can't type on my MacBook today. I've been having all sorts of trouble.