Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream So Long

Sorry about No-Post-Monday!!  I guess I was so overwhelmed with the weekend whirlwind, that I did not have much to write about yesterday!

Anywhoo, Monday was a busy day for me.  Class, Work and then the highlight of my week: Sand Volleyball.  I seriously look forward to this all day.  Unfortunately, I woke up yesterday morning without electricity.  We had another round of total brutal storms that knocked out the power in my whole neighborhood.  It's always fun getting ready in complete darkness.

So remember how I said I went grocery shopping on Sunday night?  What a twist of irony right?  Instead of me putting off buying food, like normal, I ambitiously bought food only for it to spoil in the fridge while we went without power for 20 hours. AWESOME!!

Needless to say, I was kinda bummin on my way home from work....until I saw that YOGURTIME OPENED!!! FINALLLLLYYYYY FROZEEEN YOGURTTTT THAT I CAN SLEEP WALK TO!


I totally freaked out.  There was no time for to go before volleyball, so I called Logan immediately and said "Yogurtime is open, we got at 9-be ready."   I had been watching the store front for months for signs and symptoms of their pending opening.  Yesterday, I finally got to diagnose it. 

The second my games ended, I bolted and picked up Logan.  Even though he knew my intentions I still had to beg him to go, he was pretty comfy tucked in at home.  I would have made us walk, but it was hard enough getting him to join me.  I didn't even shower any of the sand off me. 

Yogurtime is fabulous!  Great selection!  Unlike all the other area froyo places that have ice-cream-like flavors ala cake batter, german chocolate, etc.  They actually had tart and GREEN TEA.  I may or may not have freaked out.  So delicious.  I topped it with coconut and strawberries.  The girl at the counter said I was the first person to get that flavor all day and they were considering removing it. I informed her if the removed it, I may never ever come back....which is a bold face lie.

Logan ended up not liking his selection so I got TWO tubs of yogurt. WIN!  It was sooooo good you guys! I am so exited to have frozen yogurt back in my life, let alone one I can walk to.



Amanda said...

I am so jealous! I read so many posts from people that have these places close to them and I have not been able to find any in my area. We have a Cold Stone & DQ.

Becky said...

We have one that FINALLY opened in Springfield. It's called Twist&Swirl. They have a lot of fruit flavors as well as the cake batter, chocolate, red velvet, etc. I like to get the peach or strawberry with fruit on it.

I LOVE froyo.

What's sad though is it was within walking distance of my apartment... but then we moved. 45 minutes away...
Sad face.

Manda said...

My favorite is whatever flavor your shirt is, that kicks ass!

Mrs. W said...

Hahaha Both of our lives are complete!! Now does yours have a point card to get free froyo like me!!

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

Megan, it does not...but I am working on a deal with the owners.

Have you tried Green Tea?? You would love it methinks