Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Same Imaginary Place

check out the tree that fell down in our back yard during this weekend's storm.
Crazy right?? We are pretty fortunate it wasn't on our roof.
short post, I am tired.
I ran 3 miles at 5am and swam 750 yard at 5pm.

I am posting from my phone, technology is crazy.



Amanda said...

You are very lucky. We had a similar situation yesterday. We had a storm come through our area and the guy behind us had a huge tree fall into the next 2 yards next to him. It just missed our privacy fence but we have a lot of branches in our yard and it did hit one of our big pines but it didn't come down. Scary how fast things like that can happen.

Becky said...

Yikes! So glad that the tree didn't hit your house. That's so scary. :(

What am I proud of today? Ummm... that I successfully went the entire day without snacking. I did not eat between meals.


Mrs. W said...

Barney says..... Aunt Julia STILL hasn't come to my new house, and she doesn't have a picture of me yet!

Manda Morris said...

Goliath looks like a deer in that picture! TOTALLY AWESOME!