Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Changes!

I have made some slight changes to blog thus far, and will be making a bunch in the weeks to come!  So essentially The Bosky Blog will be under construction for a while, but posts will still be regular.  Since most of you read through a reader it doesn't really matter, but want to keep everyone up to date.

So far...
-The following pages are up and running: 

          "What I Ate Today":  A weekly view at what I eat, and how
                                             I  fuel during training 
          "How I Sweat Today": A monthly view at my training
-I have also added the following pages:
          "The Finish Line": This page is dedicated to you guys, most
                                        of my audience are also race runners.  The
                                        Bosky Blog would love to feature your
                                        finish line photo.  Please visit that page for
                                        more information about how to do so.

Soon to come...
-I will be updating he "Races" page with more statistics and of course pictures!

-The Bosky Blog will have sponsors! WOAH!
-Due to the aforementioned, there will be a few giveaways.
-The whole TBB layout will be updated
-There's more, but I'm keeping it a secret...eeep!

I am so excited about everything that will be coming, but as always things could be better.  So if you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to see on TBB, including topics you'd like discussed please comment or send me an email.

Love you guys!

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