Monday, May 16, 2011

Party All Day, Party All Night

So I was flipping through some pictures of me from like six months ago, and I was like "DANG! I looked good!!" I feel like a flat jiggly flobbity blobbity all over again. All cards on the table, I know it's because of the following things:

1. I haven't been running or cross training like I use to because of work

2. I have continued to eat like I am doing the aforementioned.

3. My alcohol consumption has gotten exponentially high

4. The first three make me so tired and groggy all the time that I can barely function.

5. Goliath hurt his paw, so duh I don't want to run

6. My trail is miles away and the replacement trail sucks.

so the equation is this: work a floppity bajillion hours + no sleep + boozey joozey-my favorite running buddy -my favorite trail = fat jules.

Don't get me wrong, since January a week hasn't gone by where I haven't ran, but my mileage just isn't where it use to be. My average has gone from 35 to maybe 15? I am keeping up with my race schedule, just not really training. WAY lame. All the glory, but none of the pain right?

So I am making a game plan, and I am getting my booty in duty. That could be a poop joke...but running IS a poop joke. Right now, I am getting my diet in check. I need to buckle in to the caloric restriction table and enjoy my time there. My weeks partying with the binge benders has made my pants tight.

look at me and my nutrient rich foods!

I am really trying to focus on my food and finding and maintaining balance. Sometimes, I was I could be hard on myself. I don't beat myself up when I eat ice cream or bacon, which by the way, I have done every day for three days. I am never very strict. I enjoy wiggle room in my diet, but I think I may enjoy wiggle room in my pants more.


I this I that I who? Are you over me talking about myself and using the letter I so much? WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?? What gets you focused when it comes to cutting pounds? Tell me! Tell me!

Don't worry, that coffee has no whiskey in it, despite my best efforts.

This is what I am doing:

1. Really cutting back on sugar, I am a sugar fanatic. I know that I will likely never be able to cut it out entirely, but I went 7 FULL days without even putting honey in my coffee a week ago. So I know I can do this.

2. Revolving my meals around nutrient rich, dense foods.

3. Drinking only water, green tea and coffee before 7PM. Gatorade is allowable on long-run and race days. I was drinking pop this weekend-WHO AM I??!

4. AFTER 7PM, Alcohol will be allowable. I am giving myself a balance of 5 drinks a week to use in any fashion. I can ration myself one drink five nights a week, or five drinks one night a week. Don't judge me.

5. If I go over my balance, there will be consequences. Every drink over my 5 drink balance is 30 minutes of additional cardio I *MUST* do the very next day so as to avoid over indulging.

In other news...

The Bosky House has an empty room, what should it be?
An office?
My personal yoga and dance studio?
Clothing optional hang out?

You tell me.

p.s. spell check isn't working for some reason, judge for my blatant errors.


Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Sounds like a great plan to get back to it! :-)

MeaganLikesIt said...

I love you. It will be ok. You have an awesome plan and you are not at all Fat Jules!

Come use those 5 drinks in St Louis sometime.

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

Not judgin' in fact... I kind of want to steal your alcohol idea. :)

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

Not judgin' in fact... I kind of want to steal your alcohol idea. :)

Megan said...

"but running IS a poop joke."

LOL and word.