Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Life I'm Livin' Now

Ok, so TBB isn't always about poppin' bottles and partying until 6am.   I promise we aren't always livin' like RAPTURE 2011. I will be completely transparent, Goliath and I do have a serious meditative side-but only for like an hour a day. The other 26 are used for pranks, ice cream and sarcasm.  And yea, before you ask.  There are 27 hours in my day. 

I wake up every morning, and get all my seriousness out on a mat.  You won't find me all new-agey and reading auroras except for this hour.  Yoga is a practice I picked up about a year ago, when I found myself repeatedly becoming injured and abused by running.  I was doing everything right,except the whole taking care of myself. 


Admittedly, I do not meditate with yoga.  I do not OHM.  I transition through poses, and listen to my body.  I very rarely follow a routine, except making sure what I do on one side has balance on the other.  Hate on me, partner, but I will do me and you can do you.  I know a lot of yoga enthusiasts will give me flack for this, but I'm cool with it.
Diving into yoga has been something that has been difficult for me.  At the onset, I left every class with a headache or I'd have great weeks and then suddenly I wouldn't be able to hold myself in downward facing dog for more than 0.2 seconds.  Struggle isn't something I am new to, but struggling in front of people is hard for me.  Like, impossible for me.  

Now doing it in the comfort of my home, at my own pace and with Wiz Khalifa in my ear makes for an enjoyable way to start my day.  One thing is for sure though, I never really knew why the pose was called downward facing dog until I had Goliath.  That pup knows that pose like he invented it.  Which is why I don't really mind him being my own personal yoga coach and crowding me out on my mat.

The benefits I have seen in the last year have made me a believer.  I can breath deeper, my cardiovascular system thanks me on long runs.  I can literally feel blood flow in my legs again, after so many years of muscle scarring and neglect.  My sciatica is essentially a thing of the past, this is also in part to weight loss.  I am legitimately inches taller due to posture improvements and core strength.  




Kris said...

I yoga! I have to or else my knee bothers me when I run. I use a video though.. I don't know enough poses to do it on my own :/

Becky said...

I have done yoga in the past. I find that I like specific moves to stretch me and relax me. The ones that really make me slow down and breathe.

Therefore, I've adopted those moves to stretch me and help me to relax when I'm feeling overly stressed from life/exercise.


Megan said...

I've been trying to get back into yoga, I know my body needs it. How did you learn what kind of poses to do? I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect yoga app for the iPhone. Any suggestions?

Kandyce said...

I'm a yoga buff! I started it about 2 and half years ago when our gym started offering it, at first there was just a very few students. Now the times have changed and it's the hour right before I have to go into work, which is kind of a bummer :( womp womp. I have no idea if they'll be changing hours again for the summer, but I'm on the verge of asking my boss if I could come in a little late and making it up during my lunch hour for the time missed.

It's not an intense yoga session or anything but I enjoy getting stretched out and having my flexibility!