Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

  Warning: The Post is largely about food.  I feel like I spent the majority of my weekend eating.  Just me?


My favorite person in the entire world gradumatated from high school this year and my family had a big ol' party for her.  In honor of my sister, I drank a quarter of a keg and feasted like a Queen. My family makes some wicked good eats, not to brag or anything-but ain't no party like a Jane McQueeny Party.

I spent Friday and Saturday prepping with my mom for an open house for approximately 60ish people.  We themed it as a back yard bar-b-que, but some imposing rain decided otherwise.  Somehow my mom got out of like doing anything on Saturday, lucky.  Emily and I planted flowers for center pieces, set up tables and badminton net, made a table scape and the list goes on. 

Most importantly we organized, prepped and cooked the food.  On our menu: grilled burgers, chicken and Gouda sausage, cajun sausage, baby romaine spring salad with garlic balsamic dressing, roasted asparagus in a sun dried tomato sauce, fruit salad, potato salad, tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and cupcakes out the booty.  Most of which is pictured below. 

Delish salad
to-die-for asparagus
Cappuccino Cupcakes
I did SUPER awesome...at first.  Isn't that how it always is?  You start out strong and you finish pretty weak.  It could be a marathon, it could be the longest level in Little Big Planet, it could be two hours in a move sitting next to your spouse eating licorice.  Whatever it is, however you start you have a lot of confidence and your defenses are high-but then after the prolonged stressors your self confidence walls break down. Sometimes there are even significant points that make you break.  For me, Saturday night was great-everything was under control-and the someone showed up with all my emotional baggage, which I immediately unpacked.

Long story short, I broke two rules: my drink limit and in turn the cardio penance. I was honestly in bed all day Sunday, a combo of the night before and my exhaustion-and really not having anything else to do.  Don't wag your finger at me and act all disappointed...I think sometimes people forget I am only 23.  I am not TOO OLD for anything.  I am TOO YOUNG to not enjoy myself and beat myself up all the time. 

At the end of Saturday, I am so proud of my sister for graduating and am looking forward too all her future endeavors.  She's the bestest!  Congrats Eeejers! Class of TWO FINGERS!

oh and by the way guys, badminton is a badass sport.  I am going pro.


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