Thursday, May 26, 2011

Me Not Working Hard?

Since I have fallen subject to routine, I have noticed one thing about my life.  I revolve my schedule around when and what I get to eat.  Do you do this?  I don't want to say my life = food, but I will say it.  MY LIFE = FOOD. I hate food, you run my world. I think a lot of it has to do with sleep debt and trying to keep my energy up, but then again I loved before I was busy.  and busy am I if I am typing this? Such an exaggerator.

The amount of food I bring with me to work is laughable.  Early morning, I load up a reusable grocery bag full of schtuff to last me a solid hour at work and then I find myself roaming the halls scavenging for food and random parties to mooch to sustain me.  Bob on the 2nd floor is retiring? I AM THERE!

I am not picky about food. Except for a few things.  Well one thing.  Coffee.  I want my coffee so dark it gives me kidney stones on the reg.  I want my coffee strong enough to perk up a rhino.  This morning, after dragging my tootie outta bed and running three miles I made my morning brew.  Showered and went to revel in its caffeiney deliciousness only to find that I could SEE THROUGH IT. ick. Pass.  This required me to make a whole new pot delaying my awakening until about 8:00.

eets sooo eearrrllllieeee

Even though, I had technically been awake since 5ish to run-and yah, that's on about 2 hours of sleep (thanks Goliath for whining and gnawing on a raw hide all night!).  When I say I am not functional before noon, I truly mean it.  I run into walls.  I put onE shoe on and forget to the tie the other.  For goodness sake, last week after an early morning run I realized that I had not pulled my sports bra down all the way on one side, so one of the girls was free flying the whole time (thankfully I had a baggy sweat shirt on)-HOW DID I NOT NOTICE?! The answer: I am not functional before noon.

Which is why it's a sick joke for me to pretend like working out in the AM is something that I can do.  This morning, I ran 3 miles with Scooter and I complained the whole freaking time.  I can't breathe.  My calves hurt.  I need new shoes.  Why are we going so fast?  My legs are bricking.  Why do we have to run this early?  Wah! How and why on God's green earth someone can put up with that is mind blowing to me.  Yet, people continue wanting to run with me.  Heck, Megan B. has ran FIVE half marathons with me and my whineyself.  This is why running with a dog is beneficial, Goliath is none the wiser and he never least to my face.
Take a guess what I had for dinner last night....

I am full of excuses, but when it comes to eating I never am.  I will never find an excuse to not eat.   Like I said, I am not picky. 

And in other news, I am in desperate need of a hurr snippin'....who has some suggestions for me?



mary said...

i drink my coffee with cream and sugar,light on the cream. and i has sushi with my friends, one by the name of julia. shes awesome.

ashley & sundance said...

I'm a wuss when it comes to coffee. I brew mine like half-strength and add creamer and equal. But I do love skinny vanilla lattes from my little java hut in town. DELICIOUS. and a perfect splurge.

have a good 3 day weekend!