Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Heart Like Mine

Do you have a snack drawer at work? I do and I don't. I am hesitant to call it a "snack" drawer, it's more like my "emergency food" drawer. Knowing myself well enough, I can not keep snacky foods-or bingeeasy foods within an arms reach. In my EFD, or Emergency Food Drawer, I have:

Almond and flax seed granola bars
Green tea
Chai tea
Bottled Water
A coke
Sweet tarts and bottlecaps
Canned pineapple

Something I rely heavily on is GREEN TEA. I swear to my Nikes, it's heaven sent. My appetite hulks out sometimes, especially when my mileage is high and my sleep is low. Don't get it twisted, I eat but sometimes there is no reason for me to eat and I'm still hungry. Cue: Green Tea!


I could drink gallons a day, I lurv it. But that wouldn't be good, especially since that goes against my new VIVA LA MODERATION campaign. You might think it's all hokum, but I 100% believe that green tea is excellent for your health-and I'm not only saying that because it curbs my appetite and prevents me from consuming 832075 calories between 3PM-5PM. I have done a fair amount of research, and no not just on google. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of conclusive data because a lot of the cultures that drink green tea regularly also consume a lot of other foods that could lead to very similar findings. That is to say: is it the green tea or the high fish low carb diet that lead to decreased incidence of coronary artery disease? I was going to bore you with statistics and clinical study findings, but this ain't that kinda blog.

Green tea or no green tea, there is no magic key to weight loss. But maybe believing in something is the key? All of us put faith into tiny little things and convince ourselves it's the reason we succeed. I drink my green tea, and because I read somewhere so long ago it MAY boost my metabolism I FEEL thinner. There's no harm if it actually doesn't, but that's not what matters. What counts is the idea, is me feeling thinner. WE, and yeah that's in CAPS because I KNOW YOU do it too, all have our little things our little mantras our little neuroses that keep us on track.

I may do some clinical trials of my own regarding lack of sleep and my green tea consumption. That might the warning on the back of the box. Possible side effects may include but are not limited to: Euphoria, Loss of appetite, lower cholesterol and inability to sleep after drinking 32 ounces. My sleep disruption could have been the early evening walk I took G-Skillz on, but I'm still leaning towards the excessive caffeine.

What really sucks is when you can't sleep and have to wake up at 5am to run with this guy....

Don't let that smile fool you, he makes you get outta your warm cozy bed just to run!



Kris said...

So.. I don't have a snack drawer. And I totally should, because today I was about to eat my arm when my lunch plans fell through. I love the green tea idea!! Def gotta pick some up!

Kandyce said...

I totally have an emergency/hunger pain drawer at work, I even share a fridge with a coworker. Do you drink your green tea plain or do you sweetener? I usually make black tea in the am to perk me up instead of coffee.

ashley & sundance said...

What kind of green tea do you drink? I've only ever had the crystal light "peach mango green tea" version... my guess is that it's not real green tea...

so glad to see some activity on your blog! I've missed you!