Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guarantee It Will Go Down

How was your three day weekend? I am convinced that three day weekends are what humans are made for: One day for solid partying, one day for recovery and one day for getting schtuff done.  That's what I need at the very least and precisely what I did this Memorial Day Weekend.

After refusing to get out of bed on Sunday and watching Scrubs all day, Monday was business time.  Started bright and early with breakfast at First Watch.  First Watch is never anything to write home about, but my-goodness there's something about going out for breakfast.  I always have such a hard time deciding what I want.  Breakfast food isn't something I am crazy about unless it had 45290 carbohydrates and is drenched in syrup and butter, and by that I mean pancakes.  I ordered the Bacado Omelet, and when I saw how much butter they slimed on my English Muffin, I thought I might as well ordered pancakes because it's on my plate and I gotta eat it...

Home Depot should do tradesies
Once my belly was sufficient full, my day was officially ready to start.  Logan was replacing the timing belt and water pump on my car, and he was being so productive-which in my head meant Ugh, he's gonna whine about working hard all weekend so I should work hard too! Rational and normal, no?  We moved into our home in January and other than raking I've done very little to my yard.  So yesterday was the day.  I know this is a running dogblog, so the details will fall by the wayside, but I cleaned out five flower beds that were laden with weeds and rocks, resoiled, planted some perttty flowers and mulched.  Aromatic cedar was a wonderful choice, go me. AND in case you were wondering, rose bushes are beeyotches to plant.

gulp gulp
Watering was the best part because as it turns out Goliath loves to steal water from my thirsty plants.  Hilariously, he would jump in the path of the spray and bite at the water.  I cried from laughing so hard.  It totally pumped him up too, he gnaw at the fountain and then run in a circle around the lawn.  I even made a video for you guys that I will post soon.

You know us, we got covered in mud.  Which means it was a good day.  I proceeded to deep clean my house, and grill for us.  Can we say: Hello, four day work week?

My lunch all week!



Steph said...

What the heck is that for lunch? It looks good...but I don't recognize it as food.

I liked the other photos better.


Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

I'm enjoying the new retro photos!

I agree that 3 day weekends are the best thing EVER. The only thing that could beat the 3 day weekend is the 4 day weekend.

Manda Morris said...

I'm a omlette (sp?)girl myself - stuff it with Cheese and Spinach and I am DOWN. LOVE the new retro photos, makes me think of my Grandma and her ever present camera.

Mrs. W said...

I like the new photos!!

I'm gonna start blogging again.... Just for YOU