Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Turn it Up, Turn it Out

I’m not really one for writing down goals, or resolutions or whatever. It’s not that I’m not a goal oriented person, I just never write them down.

I decided to change that, in 2011 I have set the following goals for myself-I will check back on first of each month to see how I’m doing-and no, not all of them are running related:

Lost 10 lbs and see the 130s
Strength train twice a week
Run two full marathons
Average ten hours of volunteering a month
Study the Bible with someone
Make three new friends
Finish school
Pay off debt
Take care of myself
Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety
Start saving money
Establish a good study routine
Fit into a size 2-4, and feel good about it
Changes someone’s life
Practice Honesty
Ignore lazy tendencies, and start a pattern of cleanliness
Limit television
Organize a 5k Race
Plan a vacation
Adopt a 2nd dog
Work to be a better communicator
Religiously track my food intake good or bad
Pay attention to details
Make Logan happier
Help my brother get his drivers license
Be proactive about my health
Pray daily
Start a garden
Go as organic as possible
Stop popping my jaw

What are your goals for this year? Share them with the boskyblog!

On Deck for tomorrow: Winter Running Do’s and Don’ts

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ashley & sundance said...

1. hit goal weight at WW 2. Sub 4:00 marathon 3. Go to church more regularly 4. More well-rounded workouts, not so heavy on the running... the list goes on and on...