Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's About That Time

So you want some Winter Do's and Don'ts?

1. Do: Reuse your safety pins. That sweat wicking under layer can be a stickler for staying at your waist line. If it's tight fitting, like it should be-it will likely ride up. There is nothing more annoying then an under armor layer bunching under your boobs. So here's what you do, take those annoying safety pins you have left over from every race you've ever ran and pin the front/back of the shirt to your shorts and viola! no more riding.

2. Don't: Lick your lips. Seriously, do not do it. The cold and wind will dry out your lips fast and once you lick your lips once to add moisture you won't be able to stop. Cake your lips in plain chapstick before you g o out. If you forget to do that, if you can get through the first 5-10 minutes of outdoor running without licking your licks, you'll start to forget the annoyance of dry lips.

3. Do: Invest in menthol rubs, or anything menthol. When you get back from an hour in the frigid cold, your lungs might naturally be congested. You might be a little wheezy from the restriction the cold caused. I have menthol body wash, it's a soothing body analgesic and coupled with hot steam it helps me breathe easy. Also, here's an inside tip: Vicks Vaporub is applied to baby's feet in hospitals when the have URIs because the menthol is overwhelming to infants. When you get out of the shower, put some vicks on your feet and then put on socks. In about 10-15 minutes you'll start to exhale menthol. It's magic and works.

4. Don't: Rapidly breathe. You know what happens to things in the cold right? They shrink. Cold air will restrict your airways, and it will be harder to breathe. Cold weather running takes conditioning. Inhale through your nose and then "HA" it out your mouth, slowly. By no me ans, inhale and exhale rapidly-which might be a natural inclination.

5. Do: Buy a really good moisturizer. Do you have some lotions? Do any of them dispense through a pump? Those aren't any good. Any lotion that can be pumped or squirted have been thinned with alcohol additives. Winter running will dry your skin to new levels of alligator. Lotions in tubs with lids, no I don't mean bath and body works body butters, are the best. Eucerin, original and in the tub, gets my seal approval. Lotions with fragrances, pumps and aren't very viscous can actually dry out your skin.

6. Don't: Partner with someone who's a complainer. Wanna brave the cold? Don't do it with someone who is going to rely on you to drill Sergent them through it. Run with someone who is impervious to the cold, who is going to run with you like it's a spring day. Moaning about how miserable the cold it will only make it worse. Run with someone who is just happy to be running.


Kandyce said...

Love your do's and don'ts. Didn't know about the tub of lotion. I have a pump lotion that's about to run out, I should switch it up to the good stuff! Thanks

ashley & sundance said...

ugh- I hate dry skin in the winter. My hands are cracking EVERYWHERE... I can't keep enough lotion on them.

I like the "don't run with a complainer"... I've been a total pansy these last 2 weeks and been going to the gym to run on the treadmill. :/ but i've been doing some great speed work so i'm not that BIG of a pansy (right??? lol)

Becky said...

Great blog. :)

I not only put chapstick on before a run - but I also put Vaseline all over my face, including my lips.

I'm a grease ball when I run out of the apartment but man does it help.