Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Running is hard. Like it's really hard ya'll. I've never ever once said "WOOOO DOGGGY! What an easy run that was!" So yeah, running is hard. It's difficult. It's difficult ENOUGH, but when you toss in things like doubling your work hours, getting sick and limited daylight-it becomes what we humans like to deem impossible.

Impossible is a word we are taught as kids that should exist in the human language. Anything is POSSIBLE when you put your mind to it! The countless adages reminding us that we are mediocre, and perhaps gave up too soon , personally I've always loved: Impossible is just I'm Possible! What does that even mean? I'm possible? To me, that sounds like a colleged-up way of saying I'm DOABLE! Ok, so I digress.

Running becomes impossible sometimes. Regardless of what you were taught, or come to convince yourself: there are things that are impossible or implausible or impractical. You pick your synonym.

So you work 12 hours a day, and say you spend another hour driving to and from work, 30 minutes getting ready for work (which is conservative), 30 minutes getting ready for bed, and 8 hours sleeping a night (which is being generous): that puts you at a solid scheduled 22 hours, 8 of which are unconscious. So there's two hours you could spend running right? WRONG. That little formula didn't account for things like taking a poop, preparing meals, opening your mail, answering your cell phone or updating your blog. Sometimes taking a poop can block out a whole hour, not personally-but I know a guy, don't ask.

I don't mean to make you panic, but that was just a week day. Weekends would be great then right? WRONG. Think about all those basic needs you neglected throughout the week: laundry, dishes, sleep, etc. Writing this all out makes me feel overwhelmed-but the point is: Yes, buying out the time to run can be impossible. There are going to be days, weeks-maybe months where it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to run. It could because your injured, it could be because you have an insane schedule where you wake up and it's dark, and come home and it's dark.

Whatever the reason the prevents you from the pavement, the key is to let go of the guilt. So yeah, it sucks-you can't run. Running might be your biggest stress reliever. So don't let not running cause you stress.
Clearly, you can tell what prompted this post. I really haven't been running much, despite my best intentions. I'll put my running gear out in the morning, but it's a little nutty to run at 4AM right? I'll pack my running stuff to work, and promise myself I'll change into and come straight home and run-but then I work late. When I don't run, I do go a little crazy. Something in my internally feels off. Worst of all, I get really cranky.

Monday night, I snapped at Lo over something so meaningless and trivial that I literally stood up, put on my running clothes and walked to the disgusting apartment complex gym to run on the treadmill. Yes, you are reading that correct. I, Julia, Queen of the Trail, forger of creeks, lover of mud-ran on a treadmill. AND.....IT....WAS....miserable.

I can run for hours outdoors with G-Bonez but I can hardly last 10 minutes on the rotating belt. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it bearable, but right now it's my only possibility. So UP Next on The Bosky Blog: Learning how to enjoy the DreadMill.
In other news...my husband has a moustache, and I don't hate it.


MeaganLikesIt said...

The cold has killed me, but I refuse to feel guilty about it. We're heading to a community center tonight to join up - they have an indoor track and treadmills, so I feel good about winter running.

I am going to be SO READY for April. :)

Becky said...

If you find a magical fix to make treadmill running enjoyable I will give you lots of magical presents to know the secret.

I have a mental block on treadmills. 20 minutes is my tapout. I cannot handle any longer than that.

There are only 2 times in my life I have ran over 30 minutes on a treadmill. 1) My parent's treadmill was in the garage and it was chilly out so I got "fresh" air. 2)I was watching TBL and they were running so I wanted to run.


Melissa said...

I hate the treadmill. But I try to bring a magazine to look at or a towel to cover the display. Sometimes that helps. Or I'll run 1 mile, lift some weights, run another mile, lift weights, etc. Kind of breaks up the torture. And I try to get outside for runs as much as possible.

Michelle said...

I joined a gym that has treadmills with TVs. That helps. :) Also, today I found out I'm in to run the NYC half on 3/20. So.. having that loom over my head certainly helps.

M said...

OMG when did he get a mustache?! it makes him look super old