Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Business Time

So y'all know the hubs has gone running with me in the past. He's definitely more of a sprinter than a long distance runner, but for WHATEVER reason he decided he was going to start running with me. Obviously, I'm ecstatic! More time doing what I adore with the two beings that I love the most is magical. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll ever be running marathons or 5ks-he's interested in getting in better shape, and increasing lung capacity for our frequent snowboarding trips. But hey whatever gets you on the trial!

If you remember our last run together, I pushed him way to hard and he was hesitant to ever go again. We ran four miles that day, and he was deadsies. So I pinky swore we wouldn't run more than two miles, and I'd let him set the pace and decide when we'd walk. The weather was rainy, and cool-which is my favorite running weather. Logan, however, hates getting wet. So all variables in mind, it was-again-not an ideal run.

We walked to warm up for half a mile, I joked about how Goliath is AWFUL on the lead while walking but the second we run he's all about business. Sure enough, once we started to pick up the pace Goliath stopped sniffing and started leading. Logan's natural jogging pace is pretty quick, but I let him test the waters. I never did any beginning running program like Couch to 5k, so I'm not well versed in the best ways to START running. I just know how to STAY running. When I started, I just went at it.

The half mile we ran was pretty quick, our pace dropped from 20min/miles to 8:30s. He did really well, but I could tell that was a struggle for him. We walked the rest of the way home, and did get no more than 2.0 miles like I promised. On our way back, he looked at me, laughed and said "Running sucks!" I laughed and agreed, but added that it sucks when you start. I told him once you start seeing progress, or getting better it doesn't suck so much-but then there's always the chance that he'll never fall in love, or even like with the sport-and that's ok too. Running isn't for everyone.

Ideally, nothing would make me happier than completing a race with the hubs. I am infatuated with that idea-but I know it will likely never happen. But I can dream right? We'd make quite the cute running family.


NewGilmoreGirl said...

You are so cute together! I was hoping that you'd post a picture of the two of you. :-)

Becky said...

There must be something in the air because Andrew has decided that he wants to start running too. He went with me last night. He is also a sprinter and not a distance runner. However, he said he would love to learn to run slower and cover more ground.

When we went last night he went way ahead of me.

So much for that idea. :)

I hope the two of you can run a 5K together someday! I'm hoping Andrew will want to run a race with me too.

Michelle said...

I love the family color coordination!

Manderz said...

How sweet! I hope he runs a race with you!!

Funny story about my hub. He doesnt run at all. Decided last year he was going to do the turkey trot and beat me. Never in my life didnt I think he would finish since he didnt train at all. I spent 3.1 miles CHASING him. He beat me by 10 secs. I never hear the end of it LOL

jewelrybyjillian said...

Julia, you rock!

I hope one day you and hubs can run a race together. Hey! Maybe even the doggy run you did with Goliath this year, you can do w/ hubs & Gmoney next year.

Then it's the whole family! :)