Friday, October 08, 2010

Can Still Be Found

oh noes! deer on our trail!

WOAH. sorry. I suck. I know it's been well over a week since I updated but it hasn't been a week since I've been running and loving my pup. As you've already assumed, things got a little hectic around here-and yes the blog is the first thing that falls by the wayside when I have zero time.

Never to fear, the future looks less scheduled and what's that? THERE'S A MARATHON IN A WEEK.

This will likely be brief, but I just wanted to update y'all. I hate it when I get behind on posting, my camera fills with pictures and my mind fills with tales from the trail. So much like every run with G, let me try to catch up with FAQ:

Are you still training for a marathon?
-YES, I have been tapering. It has been very successful. I feel more rested and stronger than ever. My runs are slow, light and every other day-nothing exceeding 10 miles.
Are you nervous for your upcoming marathon?
-YES, a thousand times yes. A few weeks ago, I was more nervous than I am now. My anxiety has really shifted more towards anticipation.
Will you poop yourself during your race?
I don't know why people ask me this all the time, but NO-I will not be pooping myself during the most important race of my life.
Have you started carbo-loading?
I constantly carb load, so yeah sure.

Part VI of 12DoGA
Alright, so there's that. I recently mailed out some of the last giveaways and it's time for a new one....don't get excited it's small!

You may have noticed a new page called "Goliath's Gang" and it's blank! I'd like to post pictures of all my followers dogs and little story about your dog! If you'd like to be included please
In your email include a photo of your dog preferably with you, his/her story(age, breed, and name) any web address you'd liked linked with your pictures-if none, no biggie-and your mailing address!
Everyone who submits a photo will get a goodie bag from Goliath!

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ashley & sundance said...

1 week til your marathon! Holy shiz! I'm so excited for you! Get ready to be a bundle of nerves by Thursday... that's when I REALLY started to get nervous. :)

Are you tapering down this week? Make sure you rest your legs this week!