Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Last Night of Your Life

Julia's Marathon Experience Part II

By Friday morning, I had already lost too much sleep and what little sleep I was getting was full of anxiety dreams. The encroaching race was consuming me entirely. By Thursday evening, I had already pinned my bib to my shirt, tagged my shoe and set out all my gear. So what was left for Friday?

Well Friday, I had to work a full shift (in retrospect I wish I had taken this day off) and then had planned a pasta party for friends who were also racing. I had done most of the cooking Thursday evening, since I truly didn't have a spare minute Friday. So after work, I rushed my moms to get the rest of the food prep done for my friends Eric (ala training run), Megan (ala half marathons) and Megan's Megan (her friend). My two biggest fans were also in attendance, obviously: My mom and my husband...oh and Goliath.

Easy food prep the night before

If I'm allowed to say it, the food was pretty good. I roasted zucchini, and onions in minced garlic and olive oil, grilled chicken and made a gigantic salad with home made dressing. It was super easy to prep early, and super easy to get ready the evening of. Everyone arrived and we feasted, it was really great. Megan and I got a little nostalgic about previous races, and we joked about a specific hill in hospital hill. We prayed it wouldn't be a part of this race.

And then I TRIED to sleep...


Becky said...

All of those fresh veggies look delicious!

Mrs. W said...

Lurve you!

I miss G!

Kathykins said...

Love the sleeping pic :-P