Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who's Bad?

1. Thank the person who gave me the award: Thank You Amanda!
2. Share seven things about myself.: I had chicken for lunch, I'm wearing pants, I have a hello kitty obsession, I have a birth mark that looks like an earring, I have to go the dentist and the OB/GYN both next week, I love the color blue and I love blogging.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs: If you're on my Blog Roll, you are thus nominated.
4. Let my nominees know about their award: If you're on my blog roll, please see above.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Winners:
1. Michelle
4. Laura
6. Becky
7. Kt Bee
8. Samantha
9. Mrs. W
10. Ashley
Sorry, if you didn't win!! This random number generator picked these out. If you're on the list please, email me your address before 24September2010 at 4:00pm Central-otherwise you're gonna miss the mailing!

Let's gear up for winter running!
Part IV of 12DoGA: Hot Hands
Do you have a winter race series or plan on training through snow and ice?
These were road tested in my winter series of races, and perfect for warm up mileage. I use them for my hands pre-race, and my toes post-race.
They belong to three freezing followers, comment with where you train-and tell me about your winters!


Mrs. W said...



I believe you know where to find me!

KT Bee said...

NOM yoggi!

do you needs me address again?

also I was just thinking I need to sign up for a winter race...I think Jessica and I are doing one in December it's not posted yet, but here's last years deets

Michelle said...

Yay for free Chobani! Thanks!

I'm training in Boston this winter! Brrr! I'm actually a little nervous as it will be my first running winter here! (Feel free not to pick me to win because I just won some yogurt. I just wanted to contribute! :))

Samantha said...

Wooo! Yogurt!
How do I email you?
Also, I know you shop at Costco a lot, but at Costco you can only get 3 flavors....Hyvee has more flavors but doesn't have pomegranate. Have you been able to find flavors other than vanilla, honey, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach? If so, where???

Kris said...

Last winter, if it was above 25 I'd run outside! It was COLD!!! I'm hoping to start running again 12 weeks after surgery... MID JANUARY fml. Warm hands would make me feel a *little* better :) :)

Julia said...

@Samantha: you can shoot me an email at juliamurban @ gmail . com

I do buy the Costco packs, but I find pomegranate and pineapple at Target. So there are two more flavors!

Samantha said...

Alright so I missed the 4pm deadline. Thanks anyway!
And hey, thank you for cluing me in as to where I can find more flavors! I had no idea Target carried Chobani.

Becky said...

So, do you use these while running too? I have a problem running in the cold because I have Raynaud's syndrome in about 5 fingers (both hands) and find it difficult to keep my hands warm/circulation to them. I try to wear gloves under mittens or the glove/mitten combo but my fingers still hurt/go numb and turn completely white by mile 2 or 3.

Could I carry these while running to keep my poor little fingers warm instead of just using them before/after?