Thursday, September 02, 2010


oh what are they?
You've seen me sporting them, but they are the bestest headbands in the world! No, they aren't super-running-high-tech headbands.
-They are thick
-They are colorful
-They keep the sweat outta my eyes
-and most importantly THEY ARE MACHINE WASHABLE
How do you win?
Just tell me you love, well that AND comment me! Tell me what kinda of head wear you utilize and why you want to give these a try. Winner will be announced Friday, and must be a follower/subscriber-so if you're not you better sign up now!
get to it, you need these.


Mrs. W said...

I ♥ you!

I will never leave!

Melissa said...

But I do love you!

I usually throw a hat on when I'm running - my head is a weird shape and headbands never seem to stay on. Maybe yours will!

Kandyce said...

I can never keep my bangs in place with flimsy headbands. I found some goody ones with flexible ends so they don't dig into your lower ears. Pretty cheap and love them for every day wear too!!

Ashlee said...

I usually do a couple of bobby pins and just let the rest fly around. (good thing I'm pretty slow!!) I've tried a million different headbands and I can never find any that stay put!!

I'd love to try *yours*!!

became a real live follower (instead of just a google reader follower!

KT Bee said...

ditto megan and melissa!

Becky said...

I ♥ you. Forever and ever. ☺

When I run in the day time I normally wear a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes.

At night, just a regular band to keep the hair out of my eyes. I hate when my hair gets in my way!

Andrea said...

love your blog!

i usually wear a baseball cap....or rock the bobby pins!

i've been looking for some awesome headbands to keep the sweat out of my eyes!

Heather said...

Hmmm I looked at some of those today. I usually pin my hair up and use a hair tie too. My hair is short but growing out!