Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get Nothing but Love

Two posts-one day? Could it be? Maybe it's still the runner's high, I dunno-but this is certainly happening, and as far as I can tell the world isn't ending....but it has been a while since I peeped outside.

At the moment, I'm washing clothes and watching MTV's "World of Jenks." Why is this relevant? Other than the fact, that I'm cleaning running clothes, this episode follows Maino. Bingo! My favorite running song evaaarrr is by who? Maino. I only caught the back end of the hour, but I learned a lot. Obviously, just by listening to his words you know he's been through some stuff but I guess I never REALLY knew. You know how some rappers spend a night in jail, and then rap about it for three albums. Maino spent ten years in prison. Ten years. I won't go in much depth there, but at the end of the episode he said that prison worked for him-it changed his life and he decided he wanted to inspire people. This goes without saying, but he inspires me to run every single time I hear that frickin' song even if it's so far from applicable to me.

Since I ran 20 miles yesterday, oh yeah did you hear? I ran 20 miles yesterday. Mrs. Big Stuff over here. Uhm, anyway-Since I ran 20 miles yesterday I am resting today. That also kinda goes without saying. Truth be told, I don't feel like I ran 20-other than mild soreness I feel solid. I am blessed with an amazing husband who rubbed my feet yesterday and today, despite the gruesome callouses.

Rest to me means: chilling + food. I woke up at 7 to smoke a brisket, to eat over the Chiefs game with our good friends. Since this post is clearly not about running, it's about dogs. Our bestie friends have a whole pack of dogs, and I love them all. Recently, their Schnauzer mix Duncan was really sick. He had toxicity to a medication, and had some pretty severe neurological side effects. Today, was our first visit since his doggy hospital visit. He's doing much better now, still minor symptoms but all in all doing well!

I call him "favorite"

Their newest pack member is Mayra, a 6 year old Maltese mix. While Mayra has a comfortable home at the present time, she's actively looking for her forever family, for her forever bed and her forever love. Our friends are fostering her during this extensive search. Meanwhile, I get sweet lovin' by a wittle white buddy. Logan calls her the little polar bear, because she's so fluffy and doesn't have a tail. She's such a sweet pup, being around her is so contrasting from Goliath's energy. Mayra just laid on our laps, just content to be with and near you.

If the circumstance allowed, she'd come home with us and we'd rename the blog "Keep up with Goliath, and hanging with Mayra." So maybe I've used that joke before, but it's true. Mayra is an amazing calm, cupcakey dog who deserves a family who will love her unconditionally. She needs a family who welcomes a silent companion, and is willing to give her all the attention she needs-not that she demands much.

Are you in the KC area and interested in adopting Mayra? Do you fit the bill? Please contact the the LL Dog Rescue for arrangements or email me, and I can get you in touch with their foster parents.

hmmm....what's that? hint: it could be yours
figure it out? duuuh it's part II of 12DoGA!
What is it? It's a Nike DryFit top, size medium.
I love it because it's like running naked.
'nuff said.
If it will fit you, and you're the first person to
email me it's yours.
CATCH: you WILL have to send me a picture of you IN it, and yes, it will be posted.
Now get to emailing us!

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