Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make Me a Rainbow

Want to know a secret? I love food. Oh you knew that? Well then aren't you just a super sleuth. If you hadn't discerned this about me, you either a) just subscribed this morning or b) don't read. My relationship with food can be described as lusty and tumultuous. We've been long distance, we've moved in together too soon, we've broken up a few times and don't tell my mom-but me and food go all the way. That's a metaphor, sicko-gawd. You don't gain 40 pounds in three months by having a fair-weather relationship with food.

Growing up I developed a warped idea of how to eat from my dad. He cheered me on when I downed a Big Mac in record time or ordered a "man-sized" meal. No, this post isn't about daddy issues-so please keep reading. My mom never bought junk food and we never had soda in the house. In my little environment at home, I was healthy but wherever else I'd go berserk. At a friend's house I'd got nutty over a nutter butter or eating out it'd be three courses. Truth be told, I didn't know how to behave around things like sweets. They made me hulk out. JULIA MUST EAT ALL CHOCOLATE NOW!

It pleases me to know that over the last two years, I've made dramatic changes in my approach to food. I no longer boast my ability to clean plates. I no longer eat in closets. As hackneyed as it is, my relationship with food grew up. This maturation didn't occur over night. I said TWO YEARS. In this period, I've learned how to moderate and how to indulge without guilt.

Yesterday at work I sat with my coworkers at a potluck with a plate full of broccoli and spin-dip and a sole piece of cake. Old school Julia would have had no shame going back for thirds and fourths, and probably a second piece of cake. By no means are spin-dip and cake health foods but it's certainly better than the alternative. I was more excited about the lunch I brought than all the other options sitting a few feet away.

No, I was never morbidly obese. But I was the girl who joked about the crazies who ran marathons but sobbed when I couldn't fit my size twelve jeans up my thighs. I, Julia, have changed and I love it.

Why this post? Why all the self-reflection? The Bosky Blog has been getting a few emails here and there and while most of them deal with running and training specific questions, a good deal of them ask me: WHAT DO YOU EAT?! For your viewing pleasure, he's a diagram of my fridge:


It's pretty clear where I shop: Costco and the Farmer's Market. I eat organic when possible and keep as Gluten Free as possible. I LOVE FOOD, just in a different more stable-married-for 50 years kinda way.

Today's Mileage: 7.04
Time: 1:02:55


kate said...

can I live in your fridge and NOM on all the goodness? looks delish!

Michael said...

i only give points for one thing. ZOMG. that is all

The Wench said...

Thanks for your blog comment! I did take water aerobics once about ten years ago. i have to admit I felt pretty silly in there with the old ladies and it didn't feel like it was doing much physically either. :-) i need hardcore Water Aerobics with ten pounds strapped to each ankle... oh then I'd drown, never mind. That beer looks good in your fridge...... me loves beer but i gave it up until I lose this muffin top!