Thursday, August 26, 2010

All The Gold

Last night I had a dream that I ran a 5k in under seventeen minutes. I placed first, and it was magical-but no one cared. Not even my mom. Thanks Mom! While, I know this will likely never happen at least I can dream, literally. What does it mean when you are actually eating, sleeping and dreaming running?

Sundays are for long runs aren't they? Well I thought so-but I keep pushing it back so this week my long run fell on Tuesday. Odd I know. I had what I thought was ample time before work on Tuesday to squeeze in fourteen miles. You can't really squeeze in fourteen miles can you? Ideally I should be able to complete that in under two and half hours-but when you run with a dog you kinda gotta plan for some variable stops.

I wasted too much time drinking coffee, so much so that my "ample" time four fourteen became "ample" time for half of that. So I set out for seven, with the idea that I'll run the remaining after work. By mile two, I quickly realized that I hardly have time for five. We weren't running at a snail's pace or anything-but Goliath had a few detours that he decided we MUST make-including a little play time with a boxer named Barron.

Once that five was complete, I felt refreshed and ready to conquer my work load. Eight hours later, I came home and without hesitation strapped up the nikes. Goliath was well rested, so even though fourteen miles might be pushing it-I took him with.

We took it easy, I know the point of long runs is to build endurance not speed. So 'twas a nice jaunt through the woods and over the hills and back. I usually run in the mornings, so one thing I came to know is that after 5pm my trail is cyclist central. Yes, MY trail. I'm all for sharing the pavement, but it's a little irksome when someone clearly doesn't know trail protocol or gets huffy with me. I'm always apologetic if I impede someone's workout, but that's only ever happened once. So when people act like our running duo is a hindrance, I can't help but laugh. Really? Our six legs bother you? In case you forgot you have a pulley system attached to WHEELS to cover your mileage. Give us a break. Don't get me wrong, nothing against people who cycle-good for you, it's an excellent work out-but please don't act like bike/hike trails are just BIKE trails.

OMG SO GROSS! I will never be wearing this clothing combo again, muffin top by leash!

The weather was phenomenal! ARGH! I can't wait until fall and not just because I'm running a marathon! We clocked our fourteen miles total for the day,but I feel cheapened since it was in one solid session. Split sessions by definition are misery. I came home feeling like absolute garbage. My legs were cramping, I was extremely tired and nauseated. Interested parties believe my electrolytes were way off, so I'm going to be drinking for gatorade. It took me about 24 hours to fully recovery from that abuse, but I'm glad I got it under my belt.

Total Mileage: 14.01
Times: 2:11:23


Mrs. W said...

You better call me if you finish in 17! We will celebrate!

ashley & sundance said...

wow... i couldn't have done a split like that! My legs would give out! I usually try to drink gatorade the day before a long run just to make sure i'm hydrated with the right stuff. If you feel up to a 20 miler you can come visit me in UT this weekend and run w/ my mom and I! lol.

Becky said...

The bike path by where I live is ridiculous. Bikers are incredibly rude. I agree with you on everything... I don't know why my running bothers people so much and it's just ME! My dog doesn't run....

I stay as close to the right hand side of the trail as I possibly can without falling off and breaking my ankle and they still shoot me dirty looks.

I tell myself that they're jealous that they can't run like me. Ha!