Saturday, July 03, 2010

Put Your Foot in My Nikes

Last night was beautiful. Beautiful. After a long week, I was really looking forward to a night with the dog. The hubs had plans with his little brother, so it was just GoGo and me. We lounged around, snacked on some apples and peanut butter and ultimately wound up at the dog park. A weekend ritual that is seemingly unavoidable. Goliath's girlfriend Sarai (a boxer-mix) was there, along with his boxer pal Mishka. Another boxer showed up, 9 month old Archie. The four of them created the ultimate-boxer-club, and I'm pretty sure they thought they owned the park. That is until a Malamute named Seneca wanted in on the fun. Unfortunately, the OP Boxer club was much faster and Seneca was always late to the party. Doggy separatism aside, I had a good time with my fellow-furparents. It's pretty funny the people you meet just by forced interaction.

No surprise here: I overslept this morning, and didn't get start on training until close to 11. There's some Fourt of July festivities being set-up on my trail, yes I said it MY trail. So we took a right turn over a bridge to explore part of the trail we'd never explored. Much to our dismay, after 0.3 mile it lead to a deadend on a street. No wonder we'd never gone down that way. After two miles, we took a hiatus in the fountain. Today, it was hot enough that I got in. Say what you want, I was a kid this afternoon. Goliath was ecstatic to have me in the water with him. Several people joined us, and played with G too.

Both soaking wet, we finished the run. Happily. I like to think it was obvious we had been playing in water, but I think the looks we got means that people assumed I was just really sweaty.

This picture courtesy of Patty K. who took this and emailed it!

I burned 497 calories on the run, so what better way to replenish the deficit? FROZEN CUSTARD! The Bosky Family piled in our car, and ventured to Sheridan's for some delish custard. We particularly love this place because they serve complimentary doggie cones. Too bad a doggie cone doesn't suffice for this Goliath-sized sugar tooth.

Mileage: 4.0
Time: 38:13.04


Megan C said...

Did you get wedding cake concrete?

Julia said...

No, I got pretzel caramel crunch with chocolate syrup. Yum!

~Jessica said...

If I lived close by, I can assure you that I could be found frolicking in that fountain thing almost everyday.

I played in every sprinkler we ran past yesterday on our run... It probably added an extra 20 minutes... but f-it. I love water!