Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just Win Baby Win

I got it!! I got it!! A Garmin Forerunner405CX that is!


I'm so geeked out. What happens when you take a nerdy, science fiendish runner and introduce a GPS enabled running watch with a heart rate monitor and a touch swivel bevel? Well ladies and gents, you get the happiest girl on the planet Earth.

I owe my new found happiness to a good friend, Justin H., an engineer at Garmin. With his employee discount, and a few months of saving my dream became a reality. You see-since I started running, I've been an avid nike+ user. Don't get me wrong, I love it and the little voice in my ear-but the accuracy was off, and it also did nothing for my fitness. I wanted to see where my heart rate was, if I was improving and many many more details I longed to know. NIKE+ has pushed me through six half marathons, and two years of running but the Forerunner405CX will take me to that next step in running.

Sure, it's going to give me tons of useless data that I could spend hours and hours attempting to interpret and draw conclusions from-but the point is: it has that capability whether I decide to use it or not! HA-you probably thought I was going to say something profound, but you should know better especially if you've been reading for a while.

This goes without saying but I couldn't wait to run with my new gadget. As soon as I got home, I geared up and leashed up and took off. It was kinda funny, having this thing on my wrist and a HRM band I felt like someone was watching me. So at first, it was a little awkward. I had to come to terms with my new running partners, and recognize that they aren't judging me. They are there to help me train.

Five miles later, I felt death warmed up. I was so excited about my new toy that I wasn't really aware of how tired I was or the heat. Goliath was even a little tuckered. Running on the trail, with so many people around I almost expected other runners to stop and go "HAAAY!!! Is that a 405CX?" but nobody did, Goliath stole the show as usual. Only people asking me what kind of breed he was, or telling me how happy he looked. What an attention whore, couldn't let the 405CX have a day. I will say, my favorite comment yesterday was from a lady who was walking with her husband who stopped and asked us what breed he was, as I answered "Boxer-husky," she smacked her husband and said "TOLD YOU!! I said he looked like a boxer but ran like a husky" I told her that might have to be my new tag line for the blog.

Mileage: 5.01
Time: 46:49.81


~Jessica said...

Awesome!!!! I kind of want one, but dont really know why?!?! I think the GPS is the best feature!

Also, I had no idea you're up to 6 half-marathons! That's insanely amazing!

Manderz said...

!!!! I'm so excited for you. My garmin was my BEST purchase and I dont know what I would do without it. I do make a point to run without it every few weeks.