Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Wastin' Time

I don't particularly mean to be such a lazy blogger, I swear. Once a week updates are pretty turdariffic. If I had the time to write a post immediately after each run, I swear I would. Unfortunately, unlike when I originally started blogging, I no longer have the time. When the Bosky Blog was conceived, it was thought that the purpose would be a running log: to track mileage, progress and my races. I never thought I'd have 75+ followers and I never thought that when I start migrating rambling running thoughts into run-on sentences that I'd actually discover things about myself.

Finding the time to log five miles proves to be difficult lately, which isn't cool since I'm-ya know-training for a trucking marathon. So you can put 2 and 2 together: if I can hardly squeeze in a five miler, it's probably even more difficult to figure out how to write about the fiver. Yeah Julia, we get it. Running is hard. Blogging is time consuming. Life is soooo hard. Wah wah.

Well, I've been writing this post for like twenty minutes. Why? Because I have nothing to say. I was just tired of see these photos in my "Edit Posts" list. See, I have good intentions. I take a ton of photos for the blog, and then I upload them to the blog that day. Then I let the pictures dictate the post, unfortunately as of late more pictures have been falling on the editing room floor if you will. Not enough is getting written. So I will work on that.

This week look forward to: A 5k Recap, a How to on Hill Repeats, Long Run Recap and the completion of the blog roll!!


Mrs. W said...

I know your still running!

Keep it up!

Holly @ said...

Life changes and usually disrupts our plans and best intentions. I enjoy the blog and would rather read a great post once per week instead of short ones that don't have much to reflect on. You're doing fine!

katy grace said...

Julia - tried running with the dogs and the leash around the waist - AMAZING! Thanks for the idea. Seriously, why didn't I think of that? :)