Friday, June 11, 2010

Goliath and I are BEAUTIFUL BLOGGERS...are you?

Big UPs to Jessica from Jessica's Jaunt and Kelly from Kohlrabi and Quince for bestowing this awesome award upon us!

The rules: pass the award on to 7 bloggers and write 7 things about myself that you did not know!

  1. You don't know....that I'm wearing a t-shirt for a 5k that I didn't run, but I wear it anyway because I didn't run because it was canceled for it being too cold.
  2. You don't know...that I'm shooting for a sub 4hour marathon in October.
  3. You don't know....that Goliath and I are running our first race together Sunday.
  4. You don't know...that I hate when people make tons of excuses, but I frequently come up with them myself....oh wait, you probably do know that
  5. You don't know...that my least favorite color is purple probably steaming from a hatred of the teletubbies
  6. You don't know...that I care about people a lot, it probably will kill one day
  7. You don't know that...I send over 10,000 text messages a month and this is dramatically lower than what it use to be.
I would like to crown:
Megan from Life of Megan
Melissa from Running with Needles
Meagan of Meagan gets her MRS
Bethany from Life's Little Epiphanies and Beth is Racing
Katie from The New "Good Ole Daze"
Beth at Beth's Journey to Thin
Jami Jo from Jami Jo on Girth Control

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JaJo said...

Thank you Julia!