Monday, June 28, 2010

Been Through the Pain

Balls! Ya'll, I don't know if you know this or not, it's hotttt. I don't know if you know this either, but I don't like to get up early, something you probably could have extrapolated from my lazy blogginess and my lack early runs. Therefore, heat + not-so-early bird makes for a runner that's forced to pick what circumstance they'd prefer.

Sunday, I had intended on running at 6:30am with a group for a six miler. Perfect. I committed to being there. It was early, so it beat the heat and they were meeting on a trail I frequent. WRONG. My abhorrence for waking up any earlier than what my body thinks is totally necessary beat out running in the heat.

So I slept past 10am, and begrudgingly awoke to a whiny antsy dog. I farted around for about an hour, flirting with the idea of a run or completely blowing it off. Before I knew it, 11am rolled around and I had accomplished nothing so I laced up the lunars. It was 90ish outside, so I went to leave without G. As I stepped out the door, the slightest cry escaped his jowls. I looked back only to see his little boxer head cocked, his eyes glistening and a look that absolutely slayed me. How could you? Well I couldn't.

Spare the lecture, we stopped every five to ten minutes for water and to cool down. With the heat index being well over 100, I knew it could be dangerous for him to be out running so I did my best to keep him hydrated, cooled down and we took it slow. We stopped at our swimming spot, then again under the 2 mile bridge, at two drinking fountains and then finally at a water fountain.

All in all, it was a wonderful run. I didn't feel too overheated, but all this water I found myself with the biggest urge to pee at the split. Typically, I can hold it or manage but not this time. I panicked, found a secluded tree and um, relieved myself. Goliath just stood there, cocked his head like before, I usually hike a leg-but that works too I guess.

Mileage: 6.01
Time: 1:02:44


~Jessica said...

I cant believe you get to run through such a great area! I would totally play in those sprinkler things every run!!!!

JaJo said...

Love the fountain pictures! Snaps for you for running in the heat, it's awful out there!

Megan said...

He's so handsome.
I hate this stupid heat!