Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking the Long Way Around

Oh my, is it really Tuesday? Have I really gone this long without updating you? Shocker! Well, it's official, marathon training is in full swing and my schedule is three days of running and three days of cross training and one full day of rest. So how does this really translate in Julia+Goliath land? Three days of running, and three days at the dog park.

Schedule in mind, I'm still trying to fit Kyle into the mix and help him with endurance and taper myself for a half marathon next week. Juggling the aforementioned has been tricky, but since I'm "tapering" cross training is kept to a minimum. Long runs fall two days after a tempo or speedwork day, and that meant Friday was LRD. Have you ever seen me post about a long run on a Friday? Or what about a run on Friday at all? Truth be told, I don't think since I've started running I've ever put in serious mileage on a Friday. Mainly because my Weight Watcher's meetings and races are typically Saturday mornings.

Regardless, after work on Friday (yeah, in the evening too...) Goliath and prepped up for what was sure to be a grueling eight miles. Let me get the whines out first: It was HOT. It was HUMID. I was TIRED. It was MISERABLE. There, with that said it was the most gratifying run I've had in a long time. I had to stop every so often, and my sweat was coming down in torrents but I finished it. Unintentionally, I went at marat-race pace which is what I'm suppose to be doing anyway so it worked out. The heat and humidity really took a toll on my endurance and my attitude. It's not like running in ten below, where after five minutes you get acclimated. The heat doesn't go away, and it only gets worse with every mile.

The good news? We saw a DEER! It was a baby buck, and I was so delirious that at first I thought it was a great dane off it's leash. It took me a whole minute to process, oh hay that's no Marmaduke! Goliath wanted to play with the little guy so bad, and for a second I thought the buck wanted to as well. He inched toward us, as I stood completely still- isn't that what deer do? Goliath's whining to get off-leash eventually spooked him off.

Like the brilliant genius that I am, I also did not realize that the city water fountains are on! HOLY BALLS! This was a game changer. I almost went hypoxic guzzling water. Hilariously, this old gentleman sitting at a picnic table stared blankly at me as I drank like I had never seen water and when I finally had my fill, he said "I hope you left some for the rest of us." No sir, I didn't. The entire city of Overland Park will now be without water until the troops can bring in reinforcements.

Friday's Mileage: 8.01
Time: 1:12:07

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