Monday, March 01, 2010

An Uphill Battle

I've been really trying to focus on healing, letting my knee get better and all that stuff. On top of my knee, I tore a muscle in the groindular region after my little twist and shout with Goliath during our last run. Groindular is a word I made up, because I would just like to make sound tougher.

You know that muscle that's responsible for picking up your leg? That's what I've torn, and that actually bothers me more than the knee issue. Ice fixes my knee, but that muscle? I use it all the time, it's impossible to rest it. I use it when I drive, when I walk and run, when I stand, when I cross my leg, and when sit and stand.

After, resting since the 24th I gauged the pain and weighed the pros and cons of running. The pain was not noticeable, so I took ibuprofen and we went on our way. We didn't set a mileage goal on the Nike+ kit, because when I put in five miles I have to run five miles regardless of how I feel.

The first half mile to the trail was enjoyable, downhill. The second half mile, not enjoyable-solid ice for a half mile, and also downhill. So I was forced to walk and it took forever to maneuver, but after that little jaunt it was a whole different trail. Night and Day.

The weather was fantastic, and there were a handful of people out walking their dogs or jogging. When I saw a couple running toward certain death, I warned them and they nonchalantly were like "Ohh psssh we've already ran through it" REALLY? I call bologna sandwich. I almost fell tip-toeing through it, and let's be honest I am as crazy as they come when the conditions become less than favorable.

I'm not a tip-toe kind of person. We've discussed this before: I dive in head first, even if it means I'm nose deep in crap. I've got to REALLY learn my lesson, sometimes the lesson needs to be learned a few times before I REALLY understand it, ya know?

So three and quarter miles in, I still hadn't learned my lesson about running on an injury. We took our two minute split at the usual spot. Goliath was, well Goliath. He was running in circles, just getting warmed up. I felt guilty I couldn't run him farther, but I didn't budget the time. Our two minutes, I tried to get quick picture, but someone couldn't sit still:

I felt fine on the split, and even another quarter mile after. It was not until mile four that my knee started feeling agitated. Coincidentally, this is perhaps the time I started getting tired and paying less attention to my form.

Pain deferral is something I have gotten really, really good at but it's also not something I enjoy doing. The annoyance was pretty awful, that I wanted it to be over. I wanted the run over so bad, I wanted to be home in an ice bath. Maybe being in pain is the best thing for speed training, because I pushed a 6:30 mile, my fastest yet.

So a run can be both the worst run and the best run, it all depends on perspective.

Anyway, I am making a concerted effort to take a load off my knees but at the same time stay active. This week I am attempting all the work out classes at the gym. Watch out for the full report.

Yesterday's Mileage: 6.53
Time: 1:02:12

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